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Naha-City Museum of History
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At Naha-City Museum of History, the valuable documents of Sho royal family-related are exhibited. The museum is located in a department store and easy to access from Naha-airport.

Naha-City Museum of History is located in the center of Naha on the 4th floor of the palette department store. The museum exhibits the "documents of Sho family-related" as general exhibition. It's recommended to visit the museum when you have fare time before/after boarding the airplane.

Must-see sights

  • Special exhibition room

    Special exhibition room

    The national treasure "Sho royal family-related documents are exhibited on here. You are not allowed to take any pictures in this room. Here, you can see the replica of the Ryukyu kingdoms king's throne. They were duplicated it by scientific analysis. Other than that, there are lacquerware, ornaments, Kimono and swords which are all spectacular. Moreover, the records from that time are also exhibited. The royal throne will be exhibited twice a year at the museum.

  • Permanent exhibition room

    Permanent exhibition room

    Exhibitions in here are themed histories of Naha-city and the streets. Exhibitions are mainly about Naha-city and Shuri Samurai culture. At the center of the exhibition room, A diorama of Old Naha-city's streets are duplicated as a diorama. What is more, the documents of Disposition of Ryukyu, lacquerware, books, and pictures e.t.c.. are also exhibited.

  • Project exhibition room

    Project exhibition room

    In the Project exhibition room, many interesting exhibitions are exhibited with different theme about once in a month. From Ryukyu government era to the modern era, not only the documents about the WWⅡ, but also about the modern topic, for example, "Rainbow Naha declaration" for LGBT city support, and "Shimi" the ancestor worship. As theme changes, you can enjoy pictures, ornaments and postcards.

A Little Tidbits of Naha-City Museum of History

Old Naha-city

The artcrafts and valuable documents, and pictures are exhibited. You can also observe beautiful Bingata Okinawan kimono. The Okinawan style potteries, its colorful designs are mixed with Japanese style and Chinese style.

At the entrance, the audio document is playing all day. You can sit and enjoy the video. Moreover, you can buy document picture book and get a free brochure at the entrance. It's recommended for people who like history.

For admission fees, students are always free! For showing the monorail 1 day pass ticket, you can get a discount! The museum is a very good sightseeing spot when you have a free time!


  • Naha-City Museum of History
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  • An old map of Shuri Naha
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  • Special exhibition room
  • Permanent exhibition room
  • Project exhibition room
  • Old Naha-city
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  • Entrance of the museum
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  • Entrance
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  • Naha tug-of-war rope
  • Entrance of the Special exhibition room
  • Pannel
  • Diorama cityscape
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  • Permanent Exhibition room2
  • An old map of Shuri Naha2
  • A chronological table of history
  • Pottery

Naha-city Museum of History Information

Name Naha-city Museum of History




Postcode:900-0015 4th floor 1-1-1 Kumoji Naha-city Okinawa


It takes about 20-30 minutes from Naha-airport

It takes about 2 minutes from Kencho-mae station by walking

It takes about 1 minutes from Kencho-kitaguchi bus stop by walking


July-September 8:00-20:30


New year's day

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

General (less than 20 people)
Adult: 350 yen
High school/University students : Free
Elemntry/Junior high school student : Free
Pre-school child: Free

Group(more than 20 people),Visitor who has Naha Machimai ticket, Manorail 1day ticket
Adult: 280 yen
High school/University students : Free
Elemntry/Junior high school student : Free
Pre-school child: Free

1 year pass
Adult: 1,200 yen
High school/University students : Free
Elemntry/Junior high school student : Free

How to pay


0-350 yen

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available







Not available

There are several coin-operated parking around the area



30-90 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke at non-smorking area


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can see the Kimono and swords from the Ryukyu Kingdom era and the Sho royal family-related documents are exhibited at the museum. It's recommended place for who likes history.

Important notice

You are not allowed to take pictures at the special exhibition room.

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