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Nakagusuku castle ruinsWorld Heritage
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Nakagusuku catle ruins is the World Heritage site which is also resistered as the Japanese historical site. By making a reservation in advance, a tour guide is availabe.(The tour guide will be conducted in only Japanese)

Nakagusuku castle is located in straddle area between Nakagusuku village and Kitanakagusuku village. The exact figure of the castle age is unvailed, but people say it was built during 1450 by the baronial family Gosamaru. The land is 1188475 feet, the castle wall forms a straight line from northeast to southwest. The castle is 160 meters above sea level, hence you can overlook Ginowan city and east china sea from the west, Katsuren and Chinen Peninsula from the South. The castle survived during the harsh battle of Okinawa, and miraculously, there was no major damage. Nakagusuku castle ruins is a very rare castle from Ryukyu kingdom era which has a trace of its original form. On May 1972, As Okinawa's reversion to Japanese administration, the castle was designated as a Japanese historical site. On December 2000, it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site under the "Gusuku sites and related properties of the Ryukyu Kingdom". The site is resistered as " The 100 best castles of JAPAN" on April 2006.

Must-see sights

  • Castle main gate

    Castle main gate

    It takes about 10 minutes from the ticket booth to Castle main gate, but carts are provided. The main gate is open towards to the Shurijo castle. The wall made from the piled up Ryukyu lime stones. The curved wall is built along the land shape and beautiful. The building techniques and artistry were prased by the Commodore Matthew Perry when he was visiting Okinawa during Ryukyu kingdom era.

  • An arch gate

    An arch gate

    The first area is located at the higest spot in castle. Here was the residence of Aji(the lord of the castle) and baronial family Gosamaru. The arch made from piled up stones is marvelous and full of quaint atmosphere. Nevertheless, the view from the castle is so beautiful especially when it's sunny. There are 8 worship places in the grounds of the castle which are very sacred. It shows that Okinawan people have thought the importance of worship for long time.

  • 大井戸(ウフガー)

    A deep well (Ufugaa)

    The steep slopes and stone steps are unique structure for protecting the castle and to avoid enemies invasion to the castle. There are two wells in the castle. One is called Ufugaa and the other is calleed Mitugaa. These two wells helps people at the castle during the battle. Chinese petteries are excavated around this zone. The excavation have been conducted still now.

A little tidbits of Nakagusuku castle ruins

Back gate

The site of the castle is quite big, hence it takes time to reach to the castle main gate to the back gate. Please be careful when walking on the steep slopes and stone steps especially for children and elderly person. It's recommended to bring sunshade when during the summer season since there are no shadows at the castle. You can rent one at the ticket booth as well.

The guided tour is available for free at the castle. You can enjoy walking with a guide with explaining the history. (The guide tour will be conducted in Japanese. You need a reservation for 1 week advance.) There is a haunted hotel which was not completed building since 1970. Since it has a keep out sign, it's recommened to not enter.

The view from Nakagusuku castle is breathtakingly beautiful. You can enjoy the ocean and cities righ under you. When it's sunny, the emerald ocean and pretty cities can't describe into words.
Nowadays, many tourits from overseas visit the castle. The site where restove the memory of Ryukyu kingdom receives an attention from all over the world.


  • Nakagusuku castle ruins
  • Main gate
  • Stone monument at the main gate
  • Path
  • A deep well
  • The first area
  • Cliff
  • curved castle wall
  • castle in a distance
  • Memorial monument of the World Heritage
  • Castle main gate
  • An arch gate
  • A deep well (Ufugaa)
  • Castle back gate
  • Castle path
  • Worship place
  • Castle wall
  • A view of westcoast
  • Excavation
  • Curved catle wall
  • A view of Nakagusuku bay
  • The first area
  • Height difference
  • An open field
  • A view from the back gate
  • A bathroom at the castle
  • Castle model
  • Pick-up cart
  • Entrance

Nakagusuku castle ruins Information

Name Nakagusuku castle ruins




Postcode:901-2314 503 Aza Oshiro Kitanakagusuku village Chuto-gun Okinawa


It takes about 50 minutes from Naha airport by car(about 18.6 miles)

It takes about 15 minutes from Kuba bus stop by walking


8:30-17:00 (May-September 8:30-18:00)


Open year around

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Adult 400 yen (Group visitor※more than 20 people 300yen)
Junior/High school student 300 yen (Group visitor※more than 20 people 200yen)
Elementry school student 200 yen (Group visitor※more than 20 people 100yen)

How to pay


400 yen

Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is available

Reservation for visiting : Available
Reservation for parking : Only available for group visitor



Bus : 4 free parking lots
Car : 55 free parking lots



60-90 minutes




It is not allowed to bring pets with you.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Nakagusuku castle ruins is a very rare castle from Ryukyu kingdom era which has a trace of its original form. You can feel and learn the Okinawan history.

Important notice

It's recommended to wear shoes.

What to bring


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