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Nuchi masu salt factory
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At Nuchi masu salt factory, you can enjoy a salt factory field tour and shopping opportunities. It is an accessible place via the Okinawa Expressway.

Miyagi island is located at the Uruma city the center part of Okinawa. Go straight down the Kaichudouro and you'll be on the Miyagi island, all accessible by Kaichudouro (No ferry required). The Nuchi masu factory is on the top of the hill that is surrounded by beautiful East coast ocean. 800 people live on the Miyagi island. The island prospers with a flourishing agriculture and fishing enterprise with Sabani (traditional small, wooden fishing boat of Okinawa).Nuchi masu means "The salt of life" in Okinawan dialect. The factory has been making salt for over 20 years and is loved by the Okinawan people. Visiting the factory and field tour is free. You can enjoy the field trip and relax at the cafe. The factory is now a popular tourist spot not only for Japanese, but also tourists from overseas.

Must-see sights

  • Nuchi masu salt making process

    The Guinness world record "the best salt in the world

    The sea area that surrounds Miyagi island is called "Kuroshio" meaning "black tide". Kuroshio is a north-flowing ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean. Nuchi masu is made with 100% of sea water that is from Miyagi island. The salt consists of completely natural minerals. On February 2000, It was certified the as a Guinness world record because the precious salt consists of 14 different kinds of minerals. On May 2005, it was certificated again as the salt consists of 21 kinds of minerals. The salt made a new record. Hence, it is not just a Guinness record that makes this set special, the calorie count for the salt is very low. The salt is mellow and has a rich taste. Because the salt has a lot of minerals, it also works great for your skin. Recently, the company made a new beauty product for woman and is now very popular among tourists.

  • Nuchi masu inspection

    An International Patent「An instant salt crystalization into the air」

    The process of making the salt is called "An instant salt crystalization into the air". This is the Worlds first and only patent Nuchi masu has. They draw up the water from Miyagi island's ocean using a fan to evaporate the water. The sea water crystallizes into the air and only the salt will be piled up. The fine crystallized salt that looks like snow is Nuchi masu salt. They collect the salt and let it dry. After it is dried, the manufacturing staff will inspect with visual confirmation and a metal detector. The Worlds No.1 salt Nuchi masu was made with a special process technique and careful staff.

  • Nuchi masu shop

    Nuchi masu shop & cafe

    After the field tour, It's recommended to visit the Nuchi masu shop and cafe. At the shop, you can get tons of Nuchi masu products. Shop around! Try Nuchi masu salt products and the beauty products as well. You can take your time shopping. At the restaurant near the shop, you can enjoy the food and sweets made with Nuchi masu salt. The top selling sweets "Nuchi masu softcream" is highly recommended to try! Here at the shop, you can get original goods that can't be found anywhere else.

Little tidbits of Nuchi masu factory

Nuchi masu factory

You can have a look at the process of making Nuchi masu salt. The room where the salt is made is all white and the finest of salt is piled up like snow. At the entrance of the factory, there is a guided tour service that'll show you around the factory. You can make a reservation at the entrance.

At the shop, there are a lot of products made with Nuchi masu salt. The beauty products are very popular among ladies. There are some products that can only bought here at the company-owned store. Its Highly recommended to check them out!

Close to the Nuchi masu factory, there is a beautiful cape where you can overlook the emerald green ocean and some spiritual pots like 龍神風道(Ryujin hudo), 果報バンタ(Kahu banta). The place is at the most beautiful location that is surrounded by marvelous nature.


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Nuchi masu salt factory Information

Name Nuchi masu salt factory



Postcode: 904-2423 2768 Miyagi Yonashiro Uruma-city Okinawa


It takes about 70minutes from Naha airport(31miles)


Salt factory field tour (free)


Cafe Takahanari

Nuchi masu shop


Open year around



Nuchi masu shop
  ・Nuchi masu(250g):1,080yen
  ・Nuchi masu(111g):540yen
  ・My Nuchi masu salt(30g):463yen
  ・Pokejio mini salt(17g):324yen
  ・Nuchi masu soy sauce(200ml):1,080yen
  ・Nuchi masu salt with ricemalt(200g):864yen
  ・Nuchi masu salted japanese plum(180g):1,080yen
  ・Nuchi maus Moromi vinegar(500ml):1,317yen
  ・Japanese bouillon (8g×12packs):1,080yen
  ・Nuchi masu dressing(150ml):561yen
  ・Nuchi masu salt brown sugar(100g):324yen
  ・Nuchi masu Chinsukou cookie(30pieces):1,080yen
  ・Nuchi masu salt sesame Chinsukou cookie(30pieces):1,080yen
  ・Ryumine Shampoo(300ml):3,240yen
  ・Ryumine silk salt(250g):3,996yen
  ・Ryumine soap(80g):2,592yen
  ・Ryumine cleansing(120ml):3,780yen
  ・Ryumine bath salt:3,213yen

Cafe Takanahari
  ・Nuchi masu suchika (Okinawan salt pork) 1,500yen
  ・Nuchi masu soba 1,000yen
  ・Curry 1,000yen
  ・Taco rice 1,000yen
  ・Nuchi masu salt softcream 500yen
  ・Nuchi masu snow cone 650yen
  ・snow cone with red bean sauce 500yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card





Reservation is available



Bus:4 free parking lots
Car:55 free parking lots



About 30 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke anywhere in the factory

There is a designated smoking place out of the factory


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can get the World's No.1 salt Nuchi masu here at Nuchimasu factory on Miyagi island. It's also recommended for woman interested in beauty products.

Important notice

The factory is open year around, please make a reservation when visiting with groups.

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