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Okinawan art experience Churakaji
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  • Reservation ok
  • Credit card available

You can experienc making Shisa! The shop is accessible from Naha-city. You can walk in without making a reservation.

You can walk in the store without making a reservation and enjoy making Shisa, painting Shisa and making candles. The time varies on what you want to make, but it will be about 40-90minutes. It will be crowded during Summer vacation season and holidays. It is located close to Kokusai street, so you can come stop by before/after you enjoy shopping and sightseeing. It will be a special souvenir! The staff will teach how to make shisa gently so feel free to ask if you have any question any time.

Must-see sights

  • Candle

    Chura candle making

    For making Chura candle, first thing is you choose the glass size. There are S, M, L sizes. The shape is different from each size, There are round glass, square glass, goldfish bowl, glass, wine glass, and heart shaped glass. Once you have chosen the glass, you put colorful sand, coral, shell, into the glass. You can also put Shisa or hibiscus to make your candle more special for optional fee. There are samples at the shop which you can have a look to get a hint when you make your own.

  • Shisa

    Painting Plaster Shisa

    For Painting Plaster Shisa, first you choose the size, and paint it with color paints. All you need to do is to paint the Shisa, so it is good for kids or even for a clumsy person. Even the shape of size is same, the painting makes Shisa looks very different. Once the painting and drying is done, you can bring your own Shisa to your home. It is about 40 minutes to make, so it's recommended place to go when you have limited time.

  • Shisa

    Chura shisa making

    For Chura shisa making, you use the clay to make. The staff will teach you gently so it won't be so hard. The size of Shisa is a hand-held. Once you are done, unglaze the shisa for 20 minutes. For making Chura shisa, you the painting is not included but if you pay additional 1050yen, you can paint the shisa as well. You can bring your shisa to home.

How to enjoy experience art shop Chura kaji


Okinawa art experience Churakaji, is located close to Kokusai street where there are many souvenir shops. Churak kaji is on Heiwa street. You can walk in the store when you have time before/after enjoy shopping at Kokusai street.
There are mainly 4 corses for making experience. Shisa making, making glass bead, Chura candle making, Music box decoration. Especially, the Shisa making and Chura candle making is popular.

For Shisa making corse, there are painting experience, Shisa making&paing, Making shisa accesories experience corse. For making accesories, you paint the color on shisa which staff made and you can make it as earrings, keychains. You can make it within 20 minutes.

For making Chura candle, you can use the Sand,beads, coral, shells on the table as much as you want to decorate your candle!
Also, thre are cute little glasswork of Shisa, Hibiscus, Whale sharl,Anemone fish, vegitables and fruits. for 1 glasswork costs about 300 yen-400 yen.
Once you are done with decorating your candle, the staff will put wax. The wax will dry in 15-20 minutes. Once the wax got dry, your candle is complited. The candle is gel, so avoid leaving it inside the car for long time, or put it up side down for long time.

You can walk in the shop without making reservation and experience making your own shisa, candele, etc. It takes about 40-60 minutes to make. You can come stop by before/after you enjoy shopping.
The shop is located futhre inside of acade. So you can reach to the store without getting wet even on rainy days! The shop will be crowded during summer vacation time(From mid July to end of August.) It's recommended to make a reservation in advance during the summer vacation time. The muximum capacity of the shop is 80 person. When it's ceowded, you may need to share a table with other visitors.
It's recommended to make a reservation in advance during vacation time and holidays.


  • Shisa
  • Shisa
  • Shisa
  • Shisa
  • shop
  • Candle
  • Glasswork
  • Bulletin board
  • Glasswork
  • Shisa
  • Candle
  • Shisa
  • Shisa
  • Shisa
  • Glass art
  • painting experience on Ryukyu glass
  • Etching art on glass
  • Chura shisa painting
  • Take out ok Shisa
  • Music box decoration
  • Okinawan music box
  • Decorate with glasswork
  • Decorate with glasswork
  • Popular glasswork
  • There are more than 1000 glassworks
  • Inside the shop
  • Table
  • Entrance
  • Sign board
  • Materials of making candles
  • shells for decoration
  • for making candle, first you put sand
  • Put shells and glassworks by using tweezers
  • The consept is
  • The consept is
  • The complete candle
  • You can put into a box for 100 yen
  • Original candle
  • The singboard

Chura kaji Information

Name Okinawan art experience Churakaji




Postcode 900-0013 3-2-50 Makishi Naha-city okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha-airport

It takes about 7 minutes from Makishi/Miebashi station by walking



※The last entry is 18:30


Open year around

Fees & Plans

Fees & Plans

Plaster shisa painting : 1550 yen
Chura shisa making : 2050 yen
Chura shisa painting : 3100 yen
Shisa accessories makind : 1200 - 2000yen
Chura candle making : 1050-2000yen
Music box decoration : 2050 yen
Glass bead making : 1500-2500yen

How to pay



Optional fee

Decoration (glasswork 100-400yen、takeout box 100yen)

Credit card






Reservation is not required.

※Indivisual reservation by call is not accepted.

Shop facilities


Not availbale
There are several parking lots close to the shop.



40-90 minutes




Wi-fi is available. the shop welcomes visitors with disability.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can walk in the shop without having reservation. It will be a good souvenir!

Important notice

It will be crowded during summer vacation/ holidays.

What to bring

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