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OKINAWA FRUIT LAND has a variety of tropical fruits. It's a good sightseeing spot especially on rainy days. There is free parking available.

OKINAWA FRUIT LAND is a theme park which is the one of the famous sightseeing spot in Okinawa that you can't miss. It is also a famous school trip site for local students. There is a reason why kids love the LAND so much, it is because of the tricks they use to arouse their adventurous spirit. It is not just only watching the fruits and plants. OKINAWA FRUIT LAND is a good tourist spot for not only kids but also for adults. Most of the tourist spots in Okinawa are outdoors, however you can enjoy sightseeing even on rainy days at OKINAWA FRUIT LAND. There is a big souvenir shop at the fruit land.

Must-see sights

  • Sign board

    The cave of the invisible fairies

    The adventure begins. There are puzzles along the route which even adults sometimes can't solve. The more you solve the quiz the level gets harder. You can enjoy the puzzle on rainy days too, so if your schedule is messed up due to the weather, it's a good alternate spot!

  • Pineapple

    Tropical fruit

    Pineapple is a famous fruit in Okinawa. This pineapple in the picture may look like a normal regular one, but this is very fresh and sweet pineapple you must try. Taste the sweet and fresh pineapple made in Okinawa!

  • Souvenir corner

    Souvenir corner

    There is a large section of souvenir at the fruite land. There are Sanshin(Okinawan guitar), Sake, Chinsukou-cookie and shima-banana which means island banana are available at the souvenir shop. If you purchase the shima-banana, please wait till it gets yellow.

OKINAWA FRUIT LAND is a tourist spot where you can enjoy even on rainy days


OKINAWA FRUIT LAND is a theme park which is located in Nago-city Okinawa. It's a popular spot especially among kids. It takes about 1hour and 20 minutes from Naha-airport via Okinawa expressway. It's on the way to the Churaumi aquarium as well. The souvenir shop has a large section of souvenirs.

It will be very crowded during summer vacation season. The theme "Adventure" has been fascinating kids' heart. You will solve the puzzle and quiz while listening to the fairy's voice. If you go along the route, you will see the trees producing fruits.

The fruits are called "Jack Fruit" the biggest fruit in the world. This fruit originally from India. The harvest season is during July to November. Jack fruit trees can be seen in Okinawa too. However, Okinawan people rarely eat this fruit.

n Southeast Asia, they harvest once the fruit gets soft, cook with the soup, curry and even with stew. There are also bananas, papayas, mango, dragon fruit at the fruit land. You can purchase the fruit at the shop as well. Moreover, there is a original shisa making spot at the fruit land. This is a place from adult to kids can enjoy!


  • Tresure chest
  • Jack fruit
  • Shisa
  • Pond
  • Route
  • Entrance
  • Vase and route
  • Monitor
  • Sign board
  • Light
  • Sign board
  • Pineapple
  • Souvenir corner
  • sweet pineapple
  • Shisas at the route
  • Gimmick
  • Painting shisa
  • Yummy hirami lemon
  • lamp on the route
  • The entrance of the cave
  • The world biggest fruit
  • Dragon fruit at the shop
  • Replica of fruit whicn fairies like
  • Gimmick to find the fruit
  • Gimmick
  • Fruit souvenir
  • Creditcards available at the shop
  • Discription pannels of fruit on the route






Postcode:901-0146 1220-71 Bimata Nago-city Okinawa


It takes about 1 hour and 20 mintues from Naha-airport(About 51miles)

Bus : It takes about 1 minute from MEIO-University-mae bus stop by walking


Charged area
※The ticket booth will be close 15 minutes before the last entry time
 The opening hour may be longer during summer season


Open year around



General (Under 20 people)
Adult: 1000yen
Elementry/Junior high school student: 500yen
Kids under 4 : Free

Groupe (More than 15 people)
Adult: 800yen
Elementry/Junior high school student: 400yen
Kids under 4 : 400 yen

Groupe (More than 100 people)
  Adult: 700yen
Elementry/Junior high school student: 350yen
Kids under 4 : 350 yen

Groupe (More than 200 people)
Adult: 700yen
Elementry/Junior high school student: 300yen
Kids under 4 : 300 yen

※For school trip for kids under 4 will be same as Elementry/Junior high school student fees
Entrance fees for visitors with disabilities will be harlf price by showing the disability certificate.

How to pay


2,000-3,000 yen

Optional fee


Credit card

VISA,Master,JCB,AMEX,DISCOVER,Diners Club,銀聯,J-Debit



There is a currency exchange machine around the parking area.(ajoining ATM)
Currency exchange machine:American dollar,Euro, GBP, AUP, Chinese yuen, Korean won, Taiwan dollar, HongKong Dollar



Bus: 10 parking
Car: 100 parking



About 90 minutes (120 minutes including the experience)


You are not allowed to smoke at the non-smorking area


Wheel chairs and strollers are available for rent (Free)
※Reservation for renting Wheelchair/stroller is not available
Wi-fi is available
Guide dogs are welcome
Fruit land welcomes the visitors with disability
※Some doors are hard to open at the fruit land, for visiting alone, the staff will guide you.

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

This is a place you can enjoy on rainy days!

Important notice

It will be crowded from midnoon to afternoon. It's recommended to visit in the morning.

What to bring

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