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Okinawa Prefectural Museum
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At the Okinawa Prefectural Museum, you can appreciate the history of Okinawa before the Ryukyu kingdom and after the WWⅡ. There is also an art museum and it is easy to access from Naha airport. The Museum is a very fun place for kids and even adults when it rains!

Okinawa Prefectural Museum is located at the center of Naha city Omoromachi. The museum shows the history and culture of Okinawa with replicas and videos which is showing different periods of time .The museum shows not only the general exhibition but also the sub exhibition periodically. There is also an art museum where you can enjoy the artworks and exhibitions of Okinawa artists related to Okinawa.

Must-see sights

  • Minatogawa Man

    Minatogawa Man replica

    There are 4 Minatogawa Man replicas in Japan. Two of them are at The Tokyo University and you can see the others at the museum storehouse. The replicas are very real and you can tell that they are very detailed. Also, there are Minatogawa man's bones that were discovered on display. You can observe bones that are over 20,000 years old. They were excavated at the Minatogawa fisher ruins. Okinawa is called the treasure house of fossils and most of the fossils that are 10,000 years old, were found in Okinawa.

  • Old Shurijo castle bell

    Dousyou 銅鐘(Bronze Bell)

    Dousyou was used at the Shurijo Castle during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. The bell is designated as a National Important Cultural Property and the museum exhibits a real bell not a replica. The one at the Shurijo is called "The Old Shurijo Seiden Bell replica". You can see the real bell only at the Museum. The Dousyou is very big and has a strong presence. You'll feel the historical atmosphere.

  • An urn


    Before cremation becomes common, Huso(風葬) was more common. People exposed the dead body to the wind until it is eroded completely. The kings from Ryukyu Kingdom era ware also buried by Huso. People washed and cleansed the skeleton bones and put them inside the urn (called Ji-shiga-mi) and enshrined it in the grave. This way of burial is also common in Korea and China. It is one of the Okinawan cultural feature which was influenced by neighboring countries.

Little tidbits


There are general exhibition and sub-exhibition on special fields and areas. Documents about Okinawan history and culture are exhibited at their general exhibition corner. Follow the guided sign to see the exhibitions along with the time period. It's recommended to get a must-see exhibition brochure at the reception desk. If you want to see in broad strokes, it will take 30 minutes. If you want to take your time to enjoy the exhibition, it will take about 1 hour.

There are some areas you can enjoy for free at the museum. Such as the Outdoor display, the Information center and the Touch and Experience room are free of charge. At the outdoor display area, raised-floor warehouses (called 高倉Takakura) for saving grains and and Okinawan houses are displayed. You can go inside the traditional red-roof tile Okinawan house. Also the kiln stove which was used during the 17th century is displayed at the outdoor display area. Nevertheless, you can enjoy watching the documents and videos about Okinawa and for searching collections from museum data-base at the Information center. At the Touch and Experience room, they have many activities for visitors which can learn about "Okinawan nature" and "Wisdom of our ancestors" by using kits. The kits are all linked to the subjects of the permanent exhibitions. This is a very popular area, especially among children!
Okinawa prefectural museum is the best place for both adults and kids! There is a cafe at the museum with some coffee and light meals.


  • Okinawa Prefectural Museum
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  • Ryukyu ship
  • an urn
  • an Old Shurijo castle bell
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  • raised-floor warehouses
  • Sweet red beans with shazed ice on top
  • Minatogawa Man
  • traditional red-roof house
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  • Picture of Okinawa
  • Kaminchu(God man)
  • Dragon pillar
  • plant
  • Shell mound
  • Ryukyu ship
  • The stuffing
  • hand mill
  • Insects
  • Plants
  • Creature in Okinawa
  • lime stones
  • Habu snake
  • Model railroad
  • An urn
  • boat
  • cafe
  • exhibition
  • traditional red-roof house
  • traditional red-roof house
  • Takakura(高倉)
  • Zenzai
  • An art
  • Obon(of the luna calender)

Okinawa Prefectural Museum Information

Name Okinawa Prefectural Museum




Postcode:900-0006 3-1-1 Omoromachi Naha-city, Okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha airport by a car

It takes 10 minutes from Omoromachi station by walking

From Naha airport, take bus No.99 to Omoromachi-san-chome bus stop. 5 minutes walk to the museum
Bus No.120 get off at Uenoya bus stop. 10 minutes walk to the museum
City-line bus No.3,7,10,11 to Kenristu-hakubutsukan-mae bus stop. 10 minutes walk to the museum
Bus No.6 to Naha-mainplace-Higashiguchi bus stop. 10 minutes walk to the museum
via route330 to Omoromachi-ichoume bus stop. 3 minutes walk to the museum


9:00-18:00 (Closing at 20:00 on Friday and Saturday)
Last entrance is 30 minutes before the closing time
The museum shop closes at 18:00


Monday(If Monday is holiday, it will be closed the following day as well.)
New year's day (29th of Dec to 3rd of Jan)
※closed 慰霊の日(Ireino-hi) the memorial day of okinawa(June 23rd)

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

General(less than 20 people)
Adults :400yen
Univercity and High school students :250yen
Elementary and junior high school students :150yen
Elementary and junior high school students living in Okinawa:Free

Group(more than 20 people)
Adults :320yen
Univercity and High school students :200yen
Elementary and junior high school students :120yen
Elementary and junior high school students living in Okinawa:Free

※Visitors over 70/Visitors with disability are free

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available


JPY only


Reservation is available

Group visitor(more than 20 people) must have reservation

Museum facilities


Parking lots for 140 cars are available (There are 4 free handicapped parking)
25 Bicycle parking lots
10 parking lots for Van





You are not allowed to smoke


Available Wi-fi, locker room, aid station, breast-feeding room

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can learn Okinawan history and culture. The museum is located in an accessible area and close to Naha airport. The touch and experience room is popular among children.

Important notice

What to bring

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