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Ou island
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There are worship places (Shrines and temples), markets and hidden spots on Oujima island. It is a very popular spot for not only locals but also tourists. There are free parking lots available and easy to access from Naha airport.

Ou island is a popular tourist destination for its Tempura! Tempura is a Japanese dish of battered and deep-fried fish, seafood, and vegetables. Many tourists visit the island and make a long line to get yummy Tempura. If you are nearby the tempura place, try the Ou island's juicy tempura! Moreover, there are 23 worship sites on the island which are very sacred spot and even locals don't know there because it's hidden. If you have a chance to visit, you can feel the spiritual atmosphere there. The island is surrounded by the ocean. It is fun to drive around, but also walking around the island for an adventurous person this is highly recommended!

Must-see sights

  • Ou kannondou temple

    Ou kannondou temple

    On the island, there is a temple where the Kannon (the goddess of mercy) is displayed. There are many worship sites on the island that even locals don't even know about. There is a guide map of showing the location of worship places next to the Torii right before entering the Kannoudou temple. There are 23 worship places so take a look at the map and enjoy your walk on the island.

  • Imaiyu market

    Imaiyu market

    Imaiyu market was opened on 2014 November. The market has fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit. You can get delicious mango at a decent price and you can have it shipped to the shop. There are also Fresh rare fish and Kaisendon(Sashimi rice bowl) you can enjoy your meal while looking at the ocean next to the market. Also, You can get dried squid at the market.



    "Glass gallery OITABA" opened on 2015 July. There are many glassworks which were made by Okinawan artists. They have piercing and neckless made from glass. They also have wind bells and dishes which were also made from glass. Some of them are designed based on Okinawan plants. Here you can get your special Okinawan souvenirs.

How to enjoy Ou island


Ou island is located at Nanjo-city and it takes about 40 minutes from Naha-airport. Population of the island is 1000, 1.7 km in circumference. Since it is easy to drive around the island, it is a popular driving course. Since fishing industry runs strong here; there are many fish markets on the island. Once you enter the island, you'll see a very famous tempura store "Nakamura sengyo tenn" On the right sight of the island, there is "Oshiro temoura store" it is also very popular. There are fish(Tuna), Squid, Seaweed, Vegetables Tempura. You can get your tempura for 50yen / 1. The tempura is cheap and yummy. On weekends, there are long lines outside the store. Okinawan tempura is more fluffy unlike the ones on mainland. There are free parking lots available. You can enjoy your tempura while watching Temoura!

On the island, you can enjoy the glass boat tour where you can observe the emerald green underwater! You can make a reservation at the Imaiyu market desk. You can enjoy the glass boat during March - October.※ May be cancel due to the bad weather. You can enjoy swimming at the island's beach. The west side of the island is a diving spot. The waves are calm so it is a good diving spot for the beginners as well.

The island is a popular driving course, but you can enjoy the islands scenery by walking around as well. You may be able to find a classic store and a place where they make dried squid. There are 23 worship place on the island, there are few people walking around the alleyways but there is a guided map of Ou island at the Torii next to theKannondou temple. Here at the Ou island, you can enjoy not only driving and swimming, but also visiting sacred sites.

Walking the beach and enjoying shopping, sandals are ok but if you want to enjoy visiting worship sites, it is better to wear shoes. Some place are on rough rock ways, it may be dangerous to wear sandals and heels. Also, during the summer time, the sunlight is very strong, it is good to have sunscreen and sunshade.


  • Ou island
  • Seashore
  • Seashore
  • Sun drying
  • Sun drying
  • Kannondou temple
  • Guide map
  • fresh fish
  • Glasswork
  • sign board
  • Ou Kannondou temple
  • Imaiyu market
  • Seashore
  • ocean
  • ocean
  • squid
  • ocean
  • Torii
  • Statue
  • Statue
  • sign board
  • stone monument
  • stone monument at the temple
  • imaiyu market
  • fresh sashimi(rare fish)
  • sign board
  • OITABA inside
  • Glasswork
  • accesary
  • sign board
  • worship place
  • sign board
  • worship place
  • guest house

Ou island Information

Name Ou island

Ou kannondou temple  TEL:0989-48-7190

Imaiyu market TEL:0989-48-7632

OITABA   TEL:0988-80-9477


Postcode: 901-1400 Aza Ou Tamagusuku Nanjo-city,Okinawa


It takes about 40 minutes from Naha airport by a car(about 13ml )

It takes about 40 minutes from Naha airport by a bus (Ryukyu bus No.53 Shikiya-line)


Kannondou temple:-

Imaiyu market:9:00~18:00



Kannondou temple:opens yearly

Imaiyu market:opens yearly

OITABA:Monday to Thursday



Imaiyu market:0-1000yen


How to pay


Optional fee


Credit card

not available


JPY only


Reservation is not available



There are several parking lots available on the island



For driving around the island : 20minutes
For walking around the island: 1 hour and 30minutes


May vary restaurants to stores


Wifi is available / Shower is available at the guesthouse

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The glass boat tour is awesome! You can observe many tropical fish! Highly recommended to try when you visit the island.

Important notice

When you walk around the island, flat shoes are needed.

What to bring


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