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Ryukyu glass village
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Field tour, glass making experience, shopping, At Ryukyu glass village, from children to adults can enjoy the park together. Easily accessible from Naha-airport.

The Ryukyu glass designs are American style colors schemes and design. Nowadays, Okinawan craftsmen are paying a lot of attention to cultivation human resources and inheritance the culture. To be registered as an Okinawan craftsman , your work needs recommendation from the union president and head of municipality to get a certification from the governor of Okinawa. To finish all requirements, It takes at least 10 years of effort. There are 9 Okinawan craftsmen here at Ryukyu glass village.

Must-see sights

  • Shop glass


    The materials of Ryukyu glass are melted in a 2372°F pot for one night. The main material is silica sand mixed with soda ash and lime stone. To make colors, ocean blue, forest green, sky blue and, cherry blossom pink. The skillful craftsman are held back under the strict quality control. Not only for the color schemes but also the designs. The air bubble is their strong point. All of the ryukyu glasses are not mass-produced but every one of the artwork has their makers passion. The dishes ,wind-bel and accessories are all different, none of them are same.

  • Outlets


    At Jangaraya, you can buy glass products at inexpensive prices. The hands-on ryukyu glass making experience is popular! You can make your own Accessory, Photo flame, Candle, Kaleidoscope, Okinawan guardian god Shisa, and wind-bell. You can enjoy making your own Ryukyu glass. There is a mini game corner which won a Ryukyu glass.

Ryukyu glass village workshop

at the workshop

Crastsmen have passion to making the Ryukyu glass. The 2372°F pot is so hot that during the summer, the inside of the craft shop temperture gets over 104°F . The pot for melting the materials works 24 hrs for 365days to make glasses during the day time, and to melt the materials during at night. So the only time when the pot stops, is the time the pot is remade.
During the summer time, the crast studio gets so hot even if you stand away from the fense of the making space, you will sweat. But it's fun to watch the crafts man making the glasses that you forget the time.

The glass just take out of the pot is very simmery and red like a magma. If you stir it it will have a shape. You blow an air with a long tool, and you make the shape with a tool called Youbashi. You can experience making your own Ryukyu glass by making a reservation. The glass after took out of the pot looks so colorful and beautiful but it's really dangerous to touch even a piese of paper will burn. The crafts man handle the glass and make a beautiful Ryukyu glass. After you enjoy watching the craftsman making the glass, it's recommended to go to the shop next to the studio. You can feel the efforts of the craftsman making the products more. There are beautiful color glasses and dishes of their work.

There is a children's playing corner at the souvenir shop where kids can enjoy. There is a restaurant inside the Ryukyu glass village, bon appetit. If your plans in Okinawan are ruined by rainy weather, this is the best place to go! You will find your new hobbies!


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Ryukyu glass village Information

Name Ryukyu Glass village




Postcode: 901-0345 169 Aza Fukuji Itoman-city Okinawa


It takes 25 minutes from Naha airport
   It takes 20 minutes from Okinanawa expressway


May vary area to area

Craft studio field tour

Fukuji shop and museum

11:00~17:00(Last order is 16:00)


Open year around
May be closed due to tayphoon



Craft studio field tour: Free

Original Ryukyu glass making : 1620yen-
A plate making : 2700yen-
Accessory making : 1620yen-
Making Photo flame : 1080yen-
Candle making : 1080yen-
Kaleidoscope making 648yen-
Painting : 756yen- 1620yen

How to pay


※Budget of glass making

Optional fee

For products purchased in the shop, The shipping is 1000yen

Credit card



JPY only

Electronic money



Reservation is available

You need a reservation in advance for making ryukyu glass



Bus:10 parking lots
Car:60 parking lots
Charger for electronic cars:2 charging spots



60 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke at non smoking area.
There are several smorking area at the Ryukyu glass village.


Wifi spot, Locker, medical office, nursing room, diper changing mat, wheel chair, stroller is available for renting

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

There are various kinds of Ryukyu glass and you can enjoy watching craftsmen making them! Also, you can experience making your own Ryukyu glass and it's a memorable souvenir! Here from kids and adults to enjoy!

Important notice

Experience making corner : Elementary school students and under need to be accompanied by a parent.

What to bring

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    Field tour, glass making experience, shopping, At Ryukyu glass village,

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