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Ryukyu Kasuri ikat hall
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The Ryukyu Kasuri ikat hall is a tourist destination where you can experience the making process of weaving the traditional Haebaru Hanaori. You can easily access from Naha-airport. Free parking lots are available.

Kasuri ikat was inherited from Southeast Asia during the Ryukyu kingdom era. Naha and Shuri started to make them. Haebaru town was also known as the town prospered in weaving. Ryukyu Kasuri ikat and Haebaru Hanaori before the WWⅡ. The traditions have been inherited to this day. The place is to hand down the traditions and culture to the next generation and visitors to the hall. You can observe the ikat making and even experience it!

Must-see sights

  • Scenery of Traditional weaving

    Scenery of Traditional weaving

    Haebaru-town conducts the training to raise technical experts who inherits the weaving technique. You can observe the process of making. The technical experts put their heart in weaving the colorful kimonos. You will be fascinated by the weaving sound.

  • Ryukyu kasuri ikat shop

    Ryukyu kasuri ikat products exhibits and selling

    At the Ryukyu Kasuri ikat hall, you can purchase the Ryukyu Kasuri and Haebaru Hanaori products. There are Kimono, kimono sash belt, bag, wallet, tie and so on. It's a good souvenir which you can feel the tradition and culture of Ryukyu.

  • Weaving machine

    Experience the Ryukyu kasuri weaving

    For 1000 yen, you can experience the Ryukyu Kasuri weaving. An instructor will teach one-to-one. Coaster making is very popular among kids to adults. you can experience the traditional Okinawan artwork. You need a reservation in advance.

Little tidbits of Ryukyu Kasuri ikat hall

The sign board at the entrance

Ryukyu Kasuri ikat hall was built in 1980 to exhibit the traditional Ryukyu Kasuri ikat which was inherited from Southeast Asia and China. After the several renovations to make the hall for senior visitors welcome, the renovation of the hall was completed in 2014. The building is two-storied. The experience and observe the traditional weaving and dyeing space and the shop is on the 1st floor.

Kasuri is the technic name of weaving. The origin of the word came from the "Moyou ga kasureta you ni mieru" which means "The pattern looks blurred." The kasuri was inheritedto Okinawa during 14-15 century. At first only few people were allowed to wear the clothes, However, Kasuri becomes popular among the public when it becomes the Meiji era(1868). Haebaru town started to became popular of its weaving industry from Taisho era(1912). Many weaving unions were formed and the big operations were run made the town the biggest producing area of the Kasuri ikat. The town got a harsh damage during the WWⅡ, However, people put a lof of efforts to Japan's postwar rehabilitation. In 1975, Ryukyu Kasuri business cooperative association was established in Haebaru town. After that, Ryukyu kasuri ikat hall was built to inherite people about the Ryukyu kasruti and Haebaru hanaori weaving technic and products.

The difference between the Ryukyu kasuri ikat and Haebaru Hanaori, is the Ryukyu kasuri has been made in Haebaru town and Naha-city. On the other hand, The Haebaru Hanaori has been made in only Haebaru town and it continue to evolve. Haebaru hanaori use Ryukyu indigo,Garcinia,and Rhaphiolepis indica to dye the fabric. The pattern is beautiful as a flower and is gorgeous and look solid. Every year, people gather to the Ryukyu kasuri ikat hall to learn the technic of the weaving to inherit to the next generation.

There is a Kasuri road next to the hall where you can see the historical town of making Ryukyu kasuri ikat and Haebaru hanaori. While you are walking the street, you will hear the sound of weaving. Each workshop on the Kasuri road has their symbol mark sign. The plants that are used as dyeing ingredients are planted along the street. It's the best place to learn about the history of Okinawan culture and traditions!


  • Ryukyu Kasuri ikat hall
  • Process of dyeing
  • Weaving
  • Ryukyu kasuri ikat
  • Ryukyu kasuri bag
  • Ryukyu kasuri products
  • Kimono
  • Weaving
  • Kasuri road route map
  • Road sign
  • Scenery of Traditionl weaving
  • Ryukyu kasuri ikat shop
  • Weaving machine
  • The sign board at the entrance
  • Training room
  • weaving machines
  • Training
  • Dyeing room
  • Machine for dyeing
  • Pots for dyeing
  • Gas stoves for dyeing
  • Making process of Ryukyu kasuri ikat
  • Making process of Ryukyu kasuri ikat
  • Ryukyu kasuri ikat products
  • Closing hours of the Ryukyu kasuri ikat hall

Ryukyu kasuri ikat hall Informarion

Name Ryukyu kasuri ikat hall (Ryukyu Kasuri business cooperative association)




Postcode:901-1112 157 Aza Motobu Haebaru-town Okinawa


It takes about 15 minutes from Okinawa Express "Haebaru North IC"

It takes about 5 minutes from Haebaru city office mae bus stop by walking (No.40 Ozato line / No.109 Ozato line)


9:00-17:30 (The last entry is by 17:00)
※Sunday 10:00-17:00


Holiday,New year's day, Kyubon(a custom to commemorate one’s ancestors)

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Admission is free

How to pay



Optional fee

Experience weaving : 1000 yen

Shops for Ryukyu Kasuri ikat is available

Credit card





For experience weaving must have reservation in advance

Shop facilities


car ; 10 free parking lots
※The parking close to the shop can't park





You are not allowed to smoke


You are not allowed to take picture at the hall

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Ryukyu kasuri ikat hall is where you can experience the traditional Okinawan weaving and purchase Original goods.

Important notice

For experience the weaving is 1000 yen.

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