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Ryukyu lacquerwar
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Ryukyu laqcuerwar is in accessible distance from Naha-airport. You can experience making your own laqcuerwar at the factory! It's a best place where you can learn about Okinawan lacquerwar history.

Ryukyu lacquerware Itoman shop is located in 30 minutes from Naha-airport. It's close to the Himeyuri Peace Museum, so good to stop by before/after traveling south. The shop has plenty of free parking space. They have a tray, snack box, soup bowl, vase, coffee cup, piercing, accessories and clock e.t.c. You will be fascinated by their beautiful traditional Okinawan artworks.

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  • About the lacquerware

    Dealing in Ryukyu lacquerware

    Microwave oven,dishwasher,dishdryer will cause the lacquerware to have damage. The sunlight and washing with hard sponge will also cause the lacquerware damage. You may think that they are not useful, but they can be used in many years after you purchase them and can be repair many times. The lacquerware is made from wood. They are light and unbreakable. It's a good dish for children as well.

  • Sake cup

    The span of lacquerware life

    The span of lacquerware life is bout 10 years. It's the year that assumed that you use everyday. You may think that you won't use it again and you can buy a new one again, However, you use dished everyday and you will be attached after using many years, Especially in Japan, people believe that the things that you use for a long time will have a spirit. It's the old teachings that you must treat your things gently. It's abother wonderful Japanese culture.

  • Experience space and factory at the 2nd floor

    Experience lacquerware making

    For making laquerware, you need a reservation in advance due to preparing the materials. You can make your own original sake cup,tray,and Otome mirror painting. Even little kids(5-6 years ald) can experience painting the lacquerware that they can use even after they become adults!

Ryukyu lacquerware


Okinawa absorved the technology of beautiful artcrafts that were an offering and to import to other countries. People have been inherited its amaxzing technique and culture to the next generation.

The lacquerware was derived from China during 14-15 century when the foreign trade become active. The glossy red and the gorgeous jet-black color fascinate people. It was used for not only trading but also thought to be valued in as an offerings to the emperor during Edo era(1600-1867). The lacquerware is made from Erythrina variegata tree,Styrax japonica, and Melia azedarach. The touch of lacquerware is soft and smooth and is durable.

Okinawan technique of curving the lacquerware callded "Tuikin" was inspired by the Chinese technique called "Tuishu" which paint the lacquerware many times and curve the design. The Okinawan technique express on the surface of smooth lacquerware. Moreover, they are making the new technique to improve the art and skill.

The golden bamboo and crane which are designed on the lacquerware is not the only fascinating point. The gorgeous jet-black, turban shell, pearl that shines rainbow light, the technique that to put the shell and pearl on the lacquerware. The mother‐of‐pearl work shines on the lacquerware is used for buddhist mortuary tablet,checkerboard and bussiness card case.

In Japan earthquakes occur frequently. People think the durable goods are very useful. Lacquerwares are unbreakable which don't get hurt if you drop them. They are light and durable, hence They are very useful from children to eldery people. Once you use for a long time, the color get glossy, and the more you repair, the lacquerware can be use longer. It's a best gift as well.


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  • About the lacquerware
  • Sake cup
  • Experience space and factory at the 2nd floor
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  • Piercing
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  • Pair chopsticks
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  • Boxes for put snacks
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  • About the Ryukyu lacquerware

Ryukyu lacquerware Information

Name Ryukyu lacquerware



Postcode:901-0344 155-2 Ihara Itoman-city Okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha-airport(about 9.3miles)




Open year around

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Study and experience
May vary products to products

How to pay


0 yen-
Field tour is free

Optional fee


Credit card





Reservation is needed in advance for Study and experience



There are 15 free parking



For only visiting the Free area, it takes about 30-60 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

There are many artwork of Ryukyu lacquerware. Not only soup bowl and tray, but also there are coffee cups and earings as well. You can also experience making your own original lacpuerware!

Important notice

For experience making the lacquerware, you need a reservation in advance.

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