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Sefa-UtakiA World Heritage site
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Safa-Utaki is a very famous spiritual site which was registered as cultural property. You can easily access from Naha-city and a bus is available from Naha-bus terminal.

Sefa-Utaki is located an hour from Naha-airport by using the highway. The place is the most sacred place in the Ryukyu Kingdom and it was registered as one of the "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu" in 2000 December. Nowadays it is a popular tourist site because of its spiritual atmosphere. Many people from mainland Japan and overseas visit the place. The history is old, Many ancestors prayed at this spot. You can feel the sacred atmosphere and energy. Also the place is very related to Shuri castle, so if you go before/after visiting shuri castle, you will have deeper knowledge of Okinawan history.

Must-see sights

  • watching video

    Green plaza Sefa

    Here, you can watch a video about Sefa-utaki and Ryukyu kingdom before entering the Utaki. You can check what not to do, and learn about a very sacred place. If you visit there with heels, you can rent a sandal. There is up-hills inside the Sefa-Utaki, It's recommended to wear shoes.

  • Sangui (the enclosed triangular space)

    Sangui (the enclosed triangular space)

    This is the most famous spot of Sefa-Utaki, The sun shines before the rock is breathtaking. The right side is called "Chounohana" where the place of worship. The place is related to "Kikoeookimi". You are not allowed to touch anything here.

  • Kudaka island

    The god's island "Kudakajima"

    After you go though the Sangui, you will see "Kudakajima" right above the horizon. During the Ryukyu kingdom era, Kings visit Kudakajima to pray. Nowadays there are still some sacred events are held at Kudakajima. There are some places where men can not enter. It is prohibited to bring shells and stones from the Kudakajima. People believe that God lives on the island. The view from here is awesome and you can feel the powerful atmosphere.

Historical Sefa-Utaki

Sangui (the enclosed triangular space)

During the Ryukyu kingdom era, a governmental event was held here, and people brought "white sand" from the god's island "Kudakajima" and spread the Utaki. At that time, The most sacred event "Oaraori" the inauguration of Kikoeokimi was held at Sefa-Utaki. Now people still visit the place for pilgrimage called "Agariumai".
There are six sacred spots at the Sefa-Utaki. There are three places that share the same name with rooms within Shurijo Castle. This shows that Sefa-Utaki is very related to Shurijo castle and Ryukyu kingdom during that time. Also, gold and Chinese Celadon porcelain and ancient currency were excavated from Utaki. This means that Utaki has a relationship with China as well.

There were parking lots available at the entrance of the Green plaza sefa before, but now they are closed. You can park your car at Ganju-station 300 meters from Utaki, and Cape Chinen. You will need to walk for a little while, but there is free parking lot for 150 cars. Close to the parking lot, there is a souvenir shop and cafes are available so you can enjoy shopping and food. The ticket to enter Sefa-Utaki are at the Ganju-station and the Nanjo-local product shop next to the Station.
When you visit, have respect for people who are praying at Sefa-Utaki. Don't forget that this is the most sacred place in Okinawa. You are not allowed to take pictures of people who are praying not are you allowed to speak with them. There are many people visiting Sefa-Utaki, but the most crowded days are mostly on weekends. You can hire a guide to learn about Utaki. Its 2000 yen for 10 people.


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  • Sefa-Utaki
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  • watching a video
  • Sangui (the enclosed triangular space)
  • Kudaka island
  • Sangui (the enclosed triangular space)
  • the triangle tunnel
  • The sun shines to
  • Yuinchi
  • The sea from the Ujouguchi
  • A pot of Tsukiyodaru and Amadayuru
  • Dynamic
  • before the
  • stone monument of Sefa-utaki
  • guide for the way
  • before the green Sefa plaza
  • a variety store on the way to the Sefa-utaki
  • a coffee shop and variety shop
  • mango shop
  • The entrance of Sefa-Utaki
  • Nanjo-city local products shop / ticket booth
  • Reservation for a guide
  • Nanji /Nanjo-city's mascot
  • a shop and a vending machine

Sefa-Utaki Information

Name Sefa-Utaki



postcode: 539 Aza kudeken Chinen Nanjo-city Okinawa


It takes 30 minuites from highway Haebaru-kita IC by a car

From Naha-bus terminal, take a Toyou bus no.38, get off at the Sefa-utaki bus stop


May vary based on season

 9:00-18:00(Last entry17:30)

 9:00-17:30(Last entry17:00)


By Luna carender, May 1st to 3rd. October 1st to 3rd.

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

General(less than 20 people)
Adult(over highschool students) :300yen
Children(Elementary and junior high school students) :150yen

Group(more than 20 people)
Group :200yen

※Visitors with disabilities are free of charge by showing the certificate.

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

not available



Currency machine is available at the Nanjo-city local products shop.Available Currency
Available Currency:American dollar, Euro, GBP, AUP, Chinese yuen, Taiwan dollar , Korean won, HongKong Dollar, Singapore dollar, Thai Baht, Indonesia rupiah、Malaysian Ringgit
※Exchanging yen to other currency is Not available.


Reservation is available

Reservation for a guide: 300yen per 1 person

Park facilities


At Ganju station, Nanjo and Cape chinen park 150 parking lots available
From parking lots to Sefa-Utaki, it takes 7-10 minutes by walking.





You are not allowed to smoke.


Wifi available/ rental for sandals available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Safa-Utaki is a popular tourist spot as it is the most sacred worship place during the Ryukyu kingdom era. It is registered as part of the National Important Cultural Properties.

Important notice

It's recommended to wear shoes.(You can rent sandals.)

What to bring



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