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Sonmin no hama beach
  • Parking available

Sonmin no hama is a popular tourist spot where is hidden and private. The parking is free!

Nakijin village is located in in northern part of the main island of Okinawa. The northern part is called "Yanbaru" from Okinawan people. When people imagine Yanbaru, the first image is its rich in nature. Nakijin is one of the spot where is known as the rich in nature where there is not much cars or people. After you passed the Nakijin athletic park and Meiou University, the street will be empty. There is one super market close to the Nakijin athletic park. There is no convenient stores around the Sonmin no hama area, so don't forget to stop by and get you need!

Must-see sights

  • Pandanus tectorius

    The borderline of Yanbaru

    Okinawan people don't really know where does Yanbaru start. The borderline which was delimited by administration, Yanbaru starts from up north from Tancha Onna village and Yaka Kin town. however, people still quite not sure the borderline of Yanbaru. Some people say the three northernmost village are Yanbaru. Nonetheless, people image serene nature and beautiful emerald green ocean when they hear the word Yanbaru. The way how people think "maybe northern from here is Yanbaru?" is very Okinawan. You don't have to make a borderline to narture.

  • Observation platform

    Nakijin atheletic park

    There are few people at the park on weekdays. You can enjoy the park all to yourself. However, there are many people come to the park on weekends. By reason of the point card called Sunaka. You get points every time you charge the card. You can use the points for park useage fee.

  • Kouri island

    Kouri island in distance

    When it's sunny you can overlook Kouri island in distance. you need to cross 6430 feet long Kouri Ohashi bridge to go to the island. The view of the blue sky and blue ocen from the bridge is so beautigful. There is a beach at the Kouri island. You can stop by before/after Sonmin no hama beach.

How to enjoy Sonmin no hama beach

Sonmin no hama beachs

At the Sonmin no hama beach, there are sandy beach area where is surounded by the levee and the area surounded by rocks. At the rocks area, you can enjoy fishing. The salt level is not so high around the Sonmin no hama, so the water won't be sticky as much. Here is also a good surifing spot! you may be able to see the surfer riding on the waves! There are so many activities to do at the Sonmin no hama beach, but there is a reason, why many people don't come.

The first reason is, there is a beach called "Uppama" close to Sonmin no hama beach. Uppama beach has shower room and jellyfish net. And another reason is there are jellyfish. There is a sign board says "At your own risk!" but some people are swiming with bikini or just pants.

You need to wear long sleeves and long pants when swimming at this beach. There is no net for jellyfish so you need a fuuly careful. However, Sonmin no hama is not only for enjoy swimming, but also you can enjoy chilling at the beach. There is a arbor at the sandy beach area, where you can enjoy having your lunch or cool down. At the rock area, Pandanus tectorius are growing and making shadows. You can enjoy a cool air under the tree.

Hermit crabs are walking on the white sand. You can only see them when there is not much people at the beach. When we were researching the beach, there is a local man catching the hermit crabs for his fishing bait. He was puttig the crabs in the paper cup. He said you can catch blue emperor with hermit crab bait.

There are not a lot parking lots at the beach, but the parking lots won't be full even on the weekends. If the parking lots is full, you can park at the Nakijin athletic park. There is a shower room and bathroom next to the parking lot. ※During the winter season and Obon season, the bathroom and shower room wil be closed. You can still use the foot wawshing area, so it's recommended to bring a big pet bottle so you can wash your body as well.


  • Sonmin no hama
  • The entrance of the sonmin no hama
  • Ruins
  • Sandy beach
  • Sandy beach
  • The ocean view
  • ocean
  • ocean
  • ocean
  • view
  • Pandanus tectorius
  • Observation platform
  • Kouri island
  • The left side is Rock area, The right side is the sand beach area where the arbor is.
  • Herimit crab at the rock area
  • Herimit crab at the rock area
  • Pandanus tectorius tree
  • The path to the rock area
  • papaya growing on the path to the rock area
  • A big hermit crab at the path to the rock area
  • Fishing bait
  • Pandanus tectorius
  • Baby pandanus tectorius
  • Brittle star
  • The head (the middle) of brittle star is soft
  • Sea cucumber cleans the ocean
  • Sand area from arbor
  • arbor
  • Parking lot
  • Nakijin athletic park tennis court
  • you can oevrlook Sonmin no hama beach from Nakijin athletic park
  • Parking lots are available at the Nakijin athletic park

Nakijin athletic park(Sonmin no hama) Information

Name Sonmin no hama beach




Postcode:905-0401 851-1 Nakasone Nakijin village Kunigami-gun Okinawa


It takes about 100 minutes from Naha airport(about 57miles)

It takes about 180 minutes from Naha airport by a bus (from the main terminal bus stop)


May vary season to season

Free area
April to October : 9:00-19:00
November to March : 9:00-18:00


For car enter other than above time is not available
※May closed due to tayphoon
Please contact the Nakijin athletic park to check the opening season for beach

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

May vary on the facilities
※check here for more information

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation is not available




Near the park gate area : 66 cars
Near the gym area : 86 cars
Near the stadium area
Sonmin no hama beach : 20 cars
※ The parking lots at the park gate area close during 22:00-6:00
※For car entry other than using the park is not available
※The Sonmin no hama gate is in a park, parking is only available for using the beach.



About 60minutes


Smoke free (It's recommended to bring ashtray with you)


Pet is ok

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Sonmin no hama beach is a hidden spot where you can enjoy the perivate beautiful beach. It's a best spot to chill while no one is around.

Important notice

Be careful of jellyfish when swimming.

What to bring



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