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Shurijo Castle ParkWorld Heritage Site
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Shurijo Castle Park is a World Heritage Site that symbolizes Okinawan culture and history. The park is easy to access from Naha city and there are several parking lots avaliable.

Shurijo Castle Park is one of the best tourist's spot and it was resistered as a World Heritage Site.
Its beautiful and historical scenery attracts many visitors to the castle. You can enjoy the rign of the Ryukyu lifestyle of Okinawa.

The park is separated into 2 areas from 奉神門(Houshin-mon gate)to 正殿(Seiden the main hall) areas in which you have to pay. At the free area, from 西のアザナ(Iri-no azana) and 広福門(Kouhuku-mon gate), you can overlook the beautiful skyline of Naha and the East China Sea.

There are children collecting stamps and couples enjoying the view at the park. Shurijo Castle Park is a good spot to enjoy for everyone.

Must-see sights

  • Throne Inside 正殿(seiden-mainhall)


    One of the popular spot at Shurijo Castle Park is Seiden(the main hall). Seiden is a charged area but it's worth it. The vermilion colored castle with beautiful gold crafts was a symbol of Ryukyu Kingdom.
    Nevertheless, you can go inside of the Seiden and enjoy seeing the cultural art works, ceremony place(called 大庫理uhugui),and the kings throne. The beautiful ornaments on the walls and pillars are a must-see.

  • 西のアザナ(Iri-no azana)

    西のアザナ(Iri-no azana)

    西のアザナ(Iri-no azana) is a popular spot where you can overlook Naha-city. It's in a free area so everybody can go. You may be able to see Kerama islands above the horizon when it's a sunny day . Especially when it's evening, the golden setting sun shines gleaming through the city is breathtaking. It's a romantic spot for couples!

  • Stamp Rally

    Stamp Rally

    There are several stations for stamp rally at the park. Children are running to collect as many stamps as possible and even adults can enjoy it!

    If you collect all the stamps you'll be able to enjoy the whole Syurijo Castle Park. It's maybe better to have a purpose than to not have a purpose. Families, couples, all visitors can enjoy stamp rally. If you collect enough stamps you can get stickers and little free gifts.

How to enjoy Shurijo Castle Park

Diorama of Shurijo Castle Park

During WWⅡ, Shurijo Castle was completely burned down by the US Military In 1992, The castle was reconstructed to celebrate the 20th year of Okinawa's reversion to japanese administration.
The reconstructed castle was modeled after the 18th century of Shurijo Castle. On December 2000, the Castle was resistered as the 11th World Heritage Site and became popular as a place to learn the culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

It is said that first Shurijo Castle was built in the 14th century, but the full detail is still unknown. Ryukyu Kingdom lasted about 450 years and during that time, They traded with not only China and Japan but also with East Asia and built Ryukyu Culture.
Shurijo Castle was the center trading place hence many potteries,textile arts and lacquerwares are exhibited.

Moreover, The Castle is influenced by Chinese and Japanese architecture and you can see it everywhere around the park. There are many facilities and open spaces before entering the 正殿(main hall). These places are called グスク(Gsuku) and it's one of the features of Ryukyu Kingdom.
グスク(Gusuku) is a worship place. There are several Gusuku in free areas so please stop by and feel the atmosphere of the Ryukyu kingdom in the Okinawan culture.

There are some shops and restaurants before the 守礼門(Shureimon gate) where you can enjoy shopping and eating. There are also shops and resting space at 北殿(Hokuden). Please stop by to enjoy more. It's good to know the history and culture of Shurijo Castle and Ryukyu from the exhibition but if you study by yourself before you visit the Castle, you'll have more oppertunities to find a deep understanding of Okinawa.

Shurijo Castle Park is a best spot for making your memories. If you are interested in history,this is the best place for you. Come visit Shurijo Castle Park!


  • 正殿(seiden-mainhall)
  • Souvenir picture
  • Guide map
  • Stone monument
  • 龍樋(Ryuhi) water spring
  • 遅刻門(Chikokumon-gate)
  • View from 日影台(Nichiei-dai)
  • 広福門(Kouhukumon gate)
  • 首里社館(Suimuikan)
  • Scenary
  • Throne Inside 正殿(seiden-mainhall)
  • 西のアザナ(Iri-no azana)
  • Stamp Rally
  • Diorama of Shurijo Castle Park
  • Guide board before Shurijo Castle Park
  • view from the 西のアザナ(Iri-no azana)
  • view from the 書院(Shoin) ・鎖之間(Sasunoma)
  • inside 正殿(seiden mainhall)
  • 京の内の道(Kyo-no-uchi)
  • Monument infront of the 首里社館(Suimuikan)
  • An open space after the 北殿(Hokuden) and 淑順門(Shukujunmon gate)
  • 円覚寺総門(Enkaku temple gate)
  • 首里森御獄(Suimui-utaki)
  • Board by the 奉神門(Houshin-mon gate)
  • Scenary from 北殿(Hokuden)
  • Remains of Gama(evacuate cave from war)
  • Ducks relaxing
  • The bridge of nations bell
  • Shurijo Castle main hall (正殿)
  • Information office of Diorama
  • A copper guide board after the 木曳門(Kobikinmon gate)
  • Parking Information infront of Shurijo Castle Park
  • Entrance Monument
  • 久慶門(Kyukeimon gate)

Shurijo Castle Park Information

Name Shurijo Castle Park




Postcode:903-0815 1-2 Kinjo-town Shuri Naha-city,Okinawa


It takes 40-60minuets from Naha airport by car(about10km,6miles)
It takes 15-25minuets from Kokusai street by car (about4km,2miles)

It takes 15minuets from Shuri Station by walking

It takes 3minutes from 首里城前(Shurijo-mae)bus stop by walking


Open season May vary season to season

Free area
 April to June :8:00~19:30
 July to September :8:00~20:30
 Ougust to November:8:00~19:30
 December to May :8:00~18:30

Charged area
 April to June :8:30~19:00
 July to September :8:30~20:00
 Ougust to November:8:30~19:00
 December to May:8:30~18:00
※Ticket booth will close 30 minutes before the closing hours


The first Wednesday of July and the following day
Parking lot in the park is Not available

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

General(less than 20 people)
 Adults :820yen
 High school students :620yen
 Elementary and junior high school students :310yen
 Children under 6 :Free

Group(more than 20 people)/Visitors using monorail 1and 2 day tickets
 Adults :660yen
 High school students :490yen
 Elementary and junior high school students :250yen
 Children under 6 :Free

full year pass
 Adults :1,640yen
 High school students :1,240yen
 Elementary and junior high school students :620yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card


You cannot use creditcard at 書院(shoin) and 鎖之間(sasunoma).


Japanese yen・US dollar

Currency Exchange machine is available at 首里杜館(Suimuikan) 1F
Available Currency : USdollar/Euro/GBP/AUP/ Chinese yuen/ Korean won/Taiwan dollar/ HongKong dollar
※Exchanging yen to other currency is Not available


Reservation is available

Visiting Reservation : Only available for school trip
Parking Reservation : Only available for school trip

Park facilities


Large vehicle : 46 lots (960yen for 1 vehicle)
Ordinary vehicle : 116 lots (320yen for 1 vehicle)

There are several charged parking spots around the park



It takes about 30minutes to enjoy the free area
It takes about 90minutes to enjoy the free area & charged area


You are not allowed to smoke in non-smorking area.
There is a smoking area near the 首里杜館(Suimuikan)

Brochure Brochur

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

Shurijo Castle Park is the best place for visitors who loves history. Each building has meanings and the landscape from the park is beautiful.

Important notice

The transportation at the park is only by walking. Shoes with heels and Sandals are difficult to walk around.

What to bring

Recommend to wear hats to avoid heat during the summer time

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