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Shuri Kinjo-cho Stone paved path

Shuri Kinjo-cho stone paved path is a designated cultural property. It is also known as “The 100th best roads in Japan”. You can easily access Shuri Kinjo-cho from Kokusai street and can take a bus or the monorail.

Shuri Kinjo-cho stone paved path is located at the southern area from Shuri Castle Park. The path was made during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. The length of the path was 10km long, but after WWⅡ, it was destroyed. Now the path is 300m. People live on the path and it is also a designated cultural property. It has also been chosen as“the 100th best road in Japan”. On the way to the path, there are spiritual sites and fancy cafes. Shuri Kinjo-cho is not only a place that tourists enjoy, but locals to!

Must-see sights

  • Shimashi-bira(hill)


    This monument was built after it was chosen as “The 100th best road in Japan", the Shimashi-bira(hill) is also included in the path. The hill is called “Pearl Road” as it is as beautiful as a pearl. Shimashi-bira hill and Kinjo-cho stone paved path are made from limestone composed of coral. The white street gives a warm atmosphere that you can enjoy like the good old days of Okinawa. Also, there is a cafe where you can take a rest and enjoy the beautiful view. You may stay longer than you thought!

  • 大アカギ

    Bishop woods

    There are 6 bishop woods, which are more than 200 to 300 years old and have been designated as “Protected Species of Plant” by the Japanese government. In Okinawa, there are many spiritual spots called “ Utaki”, but where the Bishop Woods are they're called “Uchikanegusuku-Utaki”. The roots of the bishop wood are very strong and energetic. They are surrounded by many trees and plants. It is a very sacred place.

  • 金城大樋川毛跡

    Kinjo-uhu hijya mo ato(a rest area)

    On the way to the Kinjo-cho stone paved path, there is a spot where you can take a break. The place called the Okinawan traditional house, and is now used as a community hall. There is a big banyan tree in front of the house that gives a peaceful atmosphere; feels like a scene from a movie! The brook that runs right next to it used to be the only water source before having water pipes laid. You can relax listening to the babbling of the brook and feel the undaunted time flow. Feel free to visit and use the restroom.

Shuri Kinjo-cho Stone paved path little tidbits

Malayan banyan and Kinjo-uhu hijya mo ato(a rest area)

Shuri Kinjo-cho Stone paved path was built during the Ryukyu Kingdom Syoushin King era(1477-1526). It was a road from Shuri castle to the southern area of Okinawa. The path is located on top of a hill so when the wind blows it feels awesome. If you stop under the shade of trees, the view of the path and scenery make you find something new. At some spots, you can overlook Naha-city and Okinawan red tiled roof houses. Here is a good spot for visitors who want to enjoy Okinawan history and its beautiful scenery.

On the way to the bishop woods area, you can see flowers and plants on the road. You may also be able to see the trees with tropical fruits! Around the area of bishop woods, there used to be many trees to protect the castle but, after WWⅡ, they were all burned from the fire. Only 6 of them survived.
The biggest bishop wood has a shrine cave under its roots. People believe that once a year, god comes to the shrine and listens to your wish. People consider this place very important, and call the tree “Tree of God”. They have benches and information about the tree. This is a very sacred place and local houses are close by, so please don't be loud and be careful some areas have keep out signs.

There are many local houses close to the Stone paved path area. People living in the area are so friendly. Recently, this place has hosted many wedding photo shoots. Some local houses were used for the Japanese Tv drama show “Churasan”, so if you have time please, enjoy walking around the area.
At the stone path area, the stones, rising ground and plants make it hard to walk. It's recommended to wear jeans and sneakers to protect your skin and to move easily due to the many habu snakes . There are many signs stating “Watch out Habu snakes”. Mosquito repellent, water and, a towel are also recommended. The place is located roughly 15minutes walking distance from Shuri castle. There are no free parking lots. Please park at the one close to the Shuri castle park or one of the charged-parking lots nearby. If you are taking a bus, the bus stop is close to the Shurijo castle park so come stop by after you enjoy the castle.


  • stone psved path
  • flower and plants
  • hibiscus
  • a map of stone psved path
  • stone psved path
  • sign of Oakagi(bishop woods)
  • bishop woods
  • Kinjo-uhu hijya mo ato(a rest area)
  • Shimashi-bira(hill)
  • A view of Naha-city from cafe terrace
  • Shimashi-bira(hill)
  • bishop woods
  • Kinjo-uhu hijya mo ato(a rest area)
  • Malayan banyan and Kinjo-uhu hijya mo ato(a rest area)
  • entrance of the stone paved path
  • stylish lamp
  • Bougainvillea
  • White Bougainvillea
  • shrine
  • Shisa and bishop woods
  • Shisa and bishop woods
  • bishop woods
  • entrance of the Shimashi-bira(hill)
  • monument of the 100 best roads in Japan
  • take a break at cafe
  • a spot you can overlook Naha-city
  • sign board of watch out Habu snake
  • sign board of various kinds of flowers and plants
  • a map on the way
  • a brook next to Kinjo-uhu hijya mo ato(a rest area)
  • a steep jagged slope

Shuri Kinjo-cho Stone paved path Information

Name Shuri Kinjo-cho Stone paved path



postal code:903-0815 Kinjo town 1 Naha-city Okinawa


Car: 40 minutes from Naha airport(6.2miles)
15-25 minutes from kokusai street (2.4miles)

monorail: 15minutes walk from Shuri castle

Bus: 10 minutes walk from “Shuri castle park entrance” bus stop


open year round


open year round

Entrance fee

Entrance fee


How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

may vary restaurants and stores




Reservation is not available



There are several charged parking lots available



30-60 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke in non-smorking area


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The place is chosen as “the 100th best road in Japan” and is a very famous tourist spot which was built during Ryukyu kingdom era.
The site has a sacred atmosphere and is a good spot to learn Okinawan history.

Important notice

The path is made with rocks, It's recommended to wear shoes.

What to bring

During the summer time, it's recommended to bring sunscreen and a hat to avoid sunburn.

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