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Thianda is a place where you can enjoy Shisa making and Painting experience! The place is at a very accessible spot and close to Naha airport and Kokusai street.

Thianda is an accessory shop where you can experience making your own handmade Shisa and accessories by using Corals,Shells,Stones,and beads. It is located within a 1 minute walk from Kokusai street and is very accessible. The shop is very popular among the tourists. During the summer vacation time, even locals and family come to the shop to enjoy making their own Shisa and accessories. The place is at the Kokusai street, take a right at the second corner and there is a steak restaurant at the corner. The shop has two tables for 2 people and 2 tables for 4 people and has a very simple and warm atmosphere. You can enjoy talking with friendly staff there and make your own Shisa.

Must-see sights

  • Painting

    Painting Shisa

    Before starting to paint, you can pick your own Shisa from the displayed corner. Small Shisa is 1,780yen, Medium Shisa is 2,376yen, a nameplate is from 3,800yen and there are many kinds of nameplates. Once you choose the Shisa, the painting will start. There are 5 colors (White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow) to paint the Shisa. Here is a little tip to paint your Shisa, if your brush has too much water, the Shisa will be blurred. If you want to change the color after you already painted, Let the shisa dry for a moment and you can paint it again.

  • Making your own piercing

    Making your own piercing

    There are 2 types piercing, hoop or straight. They are both 2,160yen. Once you choose the type, you can start choosing the shells and corals and beads to make your own piercing. There is no limited amount so you can choose as many as you want. If you went to a beach and found a shell at the beach, at Thianda you can make your own piercing from them. The piercing will be very special for you since you picked it made by yourself.

  • souvenirs


    At Thianda, You can make your own Shisa and accesory. There are also many souvenir goods at the shop. There are many various kinds of accessories. If you can't choose the design when you are making your own, check the accessories at the shop and you may be able to make your own. There are many colorful Okinawan accessories at the shop.

How to ejoy at Thianda

Shisa making

The name of “Thianda” means “greasy hands” in Okinawan dialect. When you hear it for the first time you may not be able to guess the meaning behind. In Okinawa, if you make something that takes a lot of time and hard work, people believe that sweat from your hand shows you put a lot of hard work and effort into the job. So if things have the “Thianda”, it means it's a good thing.

Okinawan people consider Shisa as a guardian spirit animal that protects the home. Shisa is now known also in Mainland Japan. In Okinawan dialect, “Shisa” means “lion”. They are placed at the entrance of the houses or on top of the roofs. People started to believe in Shisa in 1689, when The Fire period occurred at the Kochinda, Southern part of Okinawa. Because there were too many fire occurred in that time, People went to talk about it to Feng Shui master, and the master told them to make a Shisa from the stone and place it to the towards to the Mt.Yaese(fire mountain). And once they did it, the fire stopped to occur. And people started to believe that Shisa protects us from fire. The shisa they made by then is still remain now, and it was registered as cultural property. The meaning of it's guardian spirit, The Shisa had a very scary face, but now for the tourists, most of the Shisa selling at the Kokusai street has cute and smiley face.

It takes about 1 hour to make Shisa, and the painting takes about 40 minutes. If you want to paint the Shisa you made, it will cost an additional 1,200yen. There are bracelets and piercing courses for making accessory. It will take 30 minutes to make bracelet and 20 minutes to make a piercing. You can make them if you don't have the time, so this is a recommended place for people who have additional time before boarding a plane. But there is no limit for time so you can take as much time as you need to make your own Shisa and accessory . For shisa making, the shop is using clay that can be baked in a short time. There is a guide book “how to make Shisa” so if you have any question, feel free to ask to the staff any time. To make shisa, It takes 30 minutes to make a shape, 20 minutes to bake, 10 minutes to cool down. During the time it takes to bake and cool down, you can leave the shop and enjoy Kokusai street.

Thianda is a place that people visit to feel the heart of local people welcoming and enjoy making your own Shisa and accessory. The staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. We stayed there about an hour, we felt the staff's very friendly atmosphere. The Shisa making experience must be reserved , But if there are not many visitors you may be able to visit and make your own Shisa and accessory without the reservation. Although we went there on a weekday, it was crowded. So its best to get a reservation.


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Thianda Information

Name Thianda




postcode:900-0014 1-9-8-103 Matsuo Naha-city, Okinawa


It takes 20 minutes from Naha airport by a car

It takes 5 minutes from Kencho-mae station by walk




vary to season



Shisa making:2,484yen (addiional 1,200yen for painting)
 Shisa painting : small 1,780yen,medium2,376yen, Name plate 3,800yen-
 accessory: bracelet3,456yen, simple bracelet 2,160yen, Piercing 2,160yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, DISCOVER, Diner's




Reservation is available

Visitors for making Shisa needs reservation
Call us making reservation on the day



not available
There are several charged parking lots available close to the Thianda



It takes about 30-60minutes to make Shisa and accesories


No smoking


Not available


free Wifi spots

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

For Okinawan souvenir, Shisa is the best! You can make your own Shisa at here Thianda. The shop is located at Kokusai street, you can come stop by anytime after you enjoyed shopping.

Important notice

It will be very crowded during summer vacation season. It's recommended to have a reservation.

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