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Cape Chinen Park
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At Cape Chinen park, there is an observation platform where you can overlook the beautiful Okinawan ocean view. The famous sightseeing spot, Se-fa Utaki is located within walking distance of the park.

The cape Chinen park is located in Nanjo-city Okinawa. It takes about 40 minutes from Naha airport and is located on the East coast. The park is close to the famous Okinawan sightseeing spot Seifa-Utaki. You can stop by after visiting Seifa-Utaki and enjoy the park. In Okinawa, there are many beautiful ocean spots, but this is one of the most breathtaking spots on the island. Cape Chinen park is in the back of Chinen gym, so you may think “Is this the breathtaking sight?” but once you go to the back, you'll be amazed by the beautiful emerald green ocean its spectacular view.

Must-see sights

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    Back of the gym...

    Once you go to the rear of the gym, You'll see the cape Chinen. The panorama of blue sky and blue ocean is breathtakingly beautiful that are perfect for photos! You can see Kudaka island from the observation platform from where it got its name “island of God”. In Okinawa, people believe that there is a paradise called “ Nirai-Kanai” on the East coast, If you are lucky you'll may be able to find one!

  • Scenery

    The view from the observation platform

    Go down the stairs at the entrance of Chinen park and walk along the passage, you'll reach the observation platform. The view from the Park entrance and the observation platform is different, you can enjoy the ocean spread under your feet. There is no human noise pollution at all, so you can relax and enjoy your time. There is also a place where you can bring your lunch and enjoy your food with a beautiful view.

  • Kudaka island

    paragliding experience

    If you visit the Cape Chinen Park, there's no way you shouldn't experience the Paragliding! You can overlook the park above from the sky while flying high like a bird! Paragliding prices: for Adults: 8,700yen, Children: 6,700yen. One person/two person Paragliding. An experienced instructor will fly with you. So you can enjoy Paragliding safely.

Cape Chinen Park Information

Cape Chinen Park

The Cape Chinen Park is located in Nanjo-city southern part of Okinawa. Locals called it “hidden spot”. The park can be easily accessed from Naha airport with a 40 minute drive. There is Se-fa Utaki known as World Cultural Heritage Site and you can walk there from the park. You can use the free parking lot at the park while you visit the Se-fa Utaki as well.

The reason why Cape Chinen is called “the hidden spot” is because the spot is located at the back in the Chinen gym and its hard to find. If you want to go to the entrance of the Cape Chinen Park, you need to go to the rear of the gym. There is a sign that says “Cape Chinen is at the back of the gym”, but since it's not that big, most visitors can't find it. Hence, not only the visitors, but also some locals don't know the spot. However, once you go to the spot, you'll be captivated by the landscape and you will want to visit again. Some visitors have said that they visit the cape everytime they visit Okinawa.

Once you go to the rear of the gym, you'll see the beautiful blue sky and blue ocean. If you go to the observation platform, you'll see Katsuren island on your left, Niraikanai bridge on your right, and “God's island” Kudaka island is in front of you. On Kudaka Island, religious services were held during the Ryukyu kingdom era, the island is a very sacred place. Niraikanai bridge was thought to be that which connects to God's island. Tsukazan island on the right side is an island only accessible by ferry. If you have time to visit, it will be a good adventure!

The beautiful ocean is not the only fascinating point of Cape Chinen, but also it is known as a good spot where you can enjoy the sunrise, When it's New year, many people visit here to see the first sunrise. Nevertheless, here you can also enjoy the sky filled with beautiful stars. The park can be easily accessible from Naha, so wake up a little earlier than usual to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It’s worth it! Here, you can enjoy paragliding. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean above from the sky and it's just breathtaking. If you are scared of heights, don't worry, once you see the view you'll be ok. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view that you won’t find anywhere else!


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Cape Chinen Park Information

Name Cape Chinen Park



post code: 901-1511 Kudeken Nanjo city Okinawa


Car: 40 minutes from Naha airport

Bus: Take Toyo bus number 38 from Naha bus terminal and get off at the Sefa Utaki bus stop


Open year round


Open year round

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

・Adult/per person:8,700yen
・Children/per person:6,700yen
※Children under 3 can't ride paragliding
※Tandem ok

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




paragliding:Reservation is available

Park facilities

Parking lots




20-40 minutes


No smorking


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

The view from the cape cannot be described with words! It is very worth visiting! The Paragliding is exhilarating and highly recommended!

Important notice

It is dangerous to hang your hands and feet off the handrails.

What to bring




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