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Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach
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Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach is the largest beach in Okinawa, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and white sand. It's the closest beach from Naha-airport. You can enjoy BBQ.

Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach is located in 15 minutes from Naha-airport. It's the largest artificial beach in Okinawa. you can enjoy not only swimming, but also walking, running, beach volley, basketball and BBQ. You can overlook Kerama islands from the beach. The sunset sinking to the ocean is must see! It's the romantic location for couples as well!

Must-see sights

  • Woman taking sunset picture

    One of the best sunset spot in Okinawa

    Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach is the best spot where you can see the sunset sinking to the East China Sea. The direction of sunset varies from season to season, from May to September, the sun goes down to the back of Kerama islands. In December, the sun goes down towards to the southest point. In June, the sun goes down towards to the northest point. Many people visit here to take a picture with the sunset. You will get instagramable pictures! Make sure to check the sunset time to not miss a good picture! Please watch your steps after the sunset.

  • The airplanes coming and going

    The airplanes coming and going

    Naha-airport runway is close to the Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach, the airplanes coming and going. You can see the airplane body up close in person! Don't forget to take a picture! Surprisingly, you don't feel uncomfortable with the sound of the airplane. The sun shines to the water, or the sunset back airplane and the sky is so worth to see!

  • Marine sport activities

    Experience-based tour activities

    At Toyosaki Chura Sun beach, you can experience various kinds of marine activities! There are banana boat, clear kayak that you can see under the sea, Thrilling big Mable, stand up SUP, and for only when it's ebb tide, adventure tour of a desert island. In the swimming area, you can rent a deck chair, beach parasol, and float.

About Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach

Chura Sun Beach

Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach was opened in 2010. It's 2,300 feet long beach and the largest artificial beach in Okinawa. The white sand, East china sea, Kerama islands can be seen from the observation platform. The airplane fly above you is spectacular! Even the beach is artificial, the water is very clear!

Marine area is separated into North and South. The North is swimming area, The South is marine activity area. Swimming under the beautiful shining sky, and the sunset makes you refresh and heal. Moreover, you can enjoy basketball, volleyball, soccer and a BBQ at the beach. It's the best spot to enjoy with your friends and families! There are cycling and jogging road courses at the beach!

There are 80 seats on the terrace seat, and 60 seats at the inside of the "Resort Cafe KAI". They will be open 11:00-18:00. You can observe the beautiful sky and ocean. The wind is so calm. The cafe has a casual and elegant atmosphere.

The sea opening will be conducted during March to April. In July, the famous boat racing called "Tomishiro Hari". On New year's day, you can see the 32 feet tall Christmas tree and light tunnel "The light garden illumination" event will be held.

It takes about 15 minutes from Naha-airport to Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach via Oroku bypass. The parking lots can hold 800 cars (charged).


  • People and sunset
  • Seashore
  • Emerald green ocean
  • Beach volley cort
  • Basketball cort
  • Airplane above the basketball cort
  • BBQ area
  • Observation platform
  • A view from the observation platform
  • Sinking sunset
  • Woman taking sunset picture
  • The airplanes coming and going
  • Marine sports activities
  • Chura Sun Beach
  • Scenery of the evening
  • Sunset spot
  • Chura Sun pack
  • Banana boat & Snorkel
  • A dessert island tour
  • Banana boat
  • Kayak double
  • Big mable
  • SUP
  • Beach Information
  • Airplane to the runway

Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach Information

Name Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach




Postcode:901-0225 5-1 Aza Toyosaki Tomishiro-city Okinawa


It takes about 15 minutes from Naha-airport to the beach via Oroku bypass
It takes about 10 minutes from "Tomishiro/Nakachi IC" OKINAWA EXPRESSWAY

Bus :55/56/88/98 line. Get off at the "Michino-Eki Toyosaki" bus stop. It takes 8 minutes by walking
※For using Tomishiro-city bus, get off at the "Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach entrance" bus stop. It takes about 3 minutes by walking.


※May vary season to area

Swimming hours
April-June/September-October : 9:00-18:00
July-August :9:00-18:00

BBQ hours
April-October :10:00-20:00
November-March :10:00-18:00
※For making/changing/canceling the reservation, contact in 3 days advance.(by 17:00)


Open year around
※May be closed due to typhoon




Beach facilities
Shower : 100 yen
Locker :200 yen

Marine sport activities
Chura Sun pack (Banana boat/Snorkel/Big marble)
70 minutes : 6480 yen ※Must have a reservation・capacity 8 (6 plus)
60 minutes : 5400 yen ※Must have a reservation・capacity 8 (6 plus)
・A desert island tour (April-June, September-October only when it's low tide)
60 minutes : 5400yen ※Must have a reservation・capacity 8 (6 plus)
・Banana boat
10 minutes : 1620 yen ※capacity 10
・Kayak double
30 minutes : 2160 yen ※capacity 2
・Big marble
30 minutes 2160yen ※capacity 2
30 minutes 2160yen ※capacity 1

・BBQ Tent rental
Tent (Midium) : 6500yen
Tent (Large):8000yen
・BBQ foodstuff
1100yen/1 person(A corse)-2600yen(E corse)
※Reservation can be made more than 5 people
※You can rent a beer server

Rent Items
・Float : 500 yen
・Beach chair : 500 yen
・Deck chair : 1000yen
・Float mat : 1000 yen
・Beach parasol:500yen
※※Free rent for wheelchair is available

Rent cycle
・Tandem (Two seater):1000yen
※The fee is per 1 hour

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available




Reservation for marine sport activities & BBQ is acceptable

Beach facilities


Parking:800 cars for coin-operated parking
※The parking lot won't be free from 2017 July. Less than 1 hour is free. During the peak season, it will be 200yen/1H. During November-April it will be 100yen/1H.





There are several smorking area at the beach.


Wi-fi is not available

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy volleyball and BBQ at the beach! This is a place you can enjoy the whole day at!
The sunset from the beach is breathetakingly beautiful.

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation in advance when you want to use the BBQ.

What to bring


Spare clothes

Swim wear

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