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Tropical beach
  • Parking available

Tropical beach is where you can enjoy swimming, BBQ, and marine sports at the beautiful ocean. It is located at the accessible spot from Naha-city and there is a plenty of parking available.

Ginowan-city is located in the middle part of mainland Okinawa where has and exotic mood. Especially the Convention area along the Ginowan bypass is where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean and the city landscape. Tropical beach was opened in 1993, and is called "Tropi" by local people. You can enjoy having BBQ, swiming, and various kinds of marine activities. Ginowan Seaside park and Ginowan marine are located close to the beach. This is the place you can enjoy the whole day at!

Must-see sights

  • Beach

    Beach side

    The Okinawan blue ocean and blue sky is breathtakingly beautiful. Tropical beach is located on the west coast, hence the wave is calm and the contrast of the white sand and the blue sea make visitors. The sunset changing its colors and sinking into the horizon. The sand of wave and wind at night heals you. Time passes so slowly and nice at here. The beach has the protection net, so you don't have to worry about jellyfish. From little kids to adults can enjoy swimming safely at the beach. You can rent a beach parasol and float at the "Tropical house" where you can also have light meals and drinks.

  • tent

    Beach party

    The best part of the beach is not just swimming, but also having a BBQ with your family and friends. At tropical beach, large tents with rooftop are set up. There are long tables and benches for 10-15 people where you can enjoy a BBQ in front of the sea. You need a reservation for using the BBQ area in advance. The reservation is available in 2 mouths advance. (Example: If you want to use the BBQ area on Aug.20, you can make a reservation from Jun.1st. ) There are options for BBQ food ingredients. For changing the option, and cancel the reservation, you need to tell in 3 days before the BBQ.(By midday)

  • promenade

    The wonderful view

    The promenade area close to the beach is where you can enjoy the beautiful shining ocean. Everybody enjoys walking, chilling on the bench with beer. The north side where tetrapods are, you can overlook the city of Chatan and the magnificent ocean view. It takes about 5-10 minutes to walk around the promenade. There are few people in the promenade area during the daytime, hence it's a recommended place for people who wants to have relax by the seashore. During the evening, couples and family visit the area to watch the sunset.

How to enjoy at the Tropical beach


Many tourists and locals go to the Tropical beach on weekends. Every year at the end of April on the season, Music festivals and soccer/Beach volley tournaments are held.

The earliest firework festival in Japan, The Ryukyu Sea Fire Festival, and Ginowan Hagoromo festival are held at the tropical beach. Moreover, the beach is a main place of the Okinawa, international movie festival which shows new movies.

You will be healed by the beautiful blue sea and the sky at the Tropical beach. This is the place you want to revisit as well!


  • Tropical beach
  • Beach
  • Sandy beach
  • Tent
  • Arch
  • Shower room
  • A view of convention center
  • Grass and the ocean
  • Sea shore
  • promenade
  • Beach
  • Tent
  • promenade
  • Arch
  • Tropical beach
  • A view from promenade
  • White sandy beach
  • Shiny sand
  • A white sand covered
  • Trees at the seashore
  • Tropical house
  • A view of promenade
  • Park
  • A view of convention area

Tropical beach Information

Name Tropical beach

Beach office TEL:0988-97-2751
For reservation for BBQ food (Tropical house)
Reservation for BBQ TEL:090-4471-0581
Reservation for BBQ FAX:0989-97-2759


Postcode:901-2224 4-2-1 Mashiki Ginowan-city Okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha-airport by car

It takes about 10 minutes from Convention center mae bus stop by walking



Swimming season
The end of April-30th of Oct.

Swimming hours
※May vary season to season


Open year around
※May be closed due to typhoon and bad weather



BBQ rent fees
・Single bench (15-20 person) 5,000yen
・Double bench (20-25 person) 8,000yen
・Sunset area (20-25 person) 12,000yen
・BBQ equipment (plate,gas,a pot) 2,000yen

BBQ plan
・Hagoromo set (1person) 1,600yen
・Ocean set (1person) 1,900yen
・Tropical set (1person) 2,300yen
・Student set (1person) 1,100yen

・Rice ball 1 pack 180yen
・Yakisoba noodle (1,000g 5person) 800yen
・Loin rib set set (500g) 1,600yen
・Wagyu beef set (500g) 3,400yen
・Seafood set (300g) 900yen
・Pork meat set (300g) 700yen
・Beer server 2.6 Gallons 7,500yen
€ ・Beer server 5.2 Gallons 14,000yen

Marine activities fees
・Banana boat 2,100yen
・Marine jet 2,100yen
・Posse 2,100yen
・Ocean walk 6,000yen
・Diving experience 6,400yen
・Flying boat 7,560yen

Facility fee
・Coin shower (14 rooms) 100yen
・Coin locker (200 lockers) 200yen

Goods rent fees
・Bed chair 1,000yen
・Parasol 1,000yen
・Float (Large) 500yen
・Float (Medium) 400yen
・Float (Small) 300yen

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

Not available





BBQ rent
Marine activities



Free parking for 180 cars available



2-6 hours


There are several smorking areas at the beach


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

This is the best place to enjoy Marine sports, BBQ and swimming at the beautiful sea!

Important notice

You need a reservation for BBQ in advance.

What to brings

Spare clothes
Swim wear

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