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Umi no hurusato park
  • Parking available
  • Reservation ok

At the Umi no hurusato park, you can experience the life of a fisherman. The place is easy to access from Naha-airport. Free parking lots for buses and cars are available.

The Umi no hurusato park is located in 15 minutes from Naha expressway Tomishiro/Nakachi IC.
The park has buildings that are replicas of traditional Okinawan fisherman's cottages built during 1912-1926.
At the park, there is a boat called SABANI (plank-built fishing boat), museum exhibits diving tools, you can observe them for free. Moreover, you can experience making Smbani paddle and ride on Sabani. A reservation is needed in advance.
The observation platform at the park where you can overlook Itoman port is highly recommended!

Must-see sights

  • Red tile roof house

    Reproduce the life of fisherman

    At the park, you can look the monument of replicas of traditional Okinawan fisherman’s cottages. You can not enter the cottage due to it's locked, but Sometimes the door is opened to get air inside so you can see the house inside if you are lucky.
    The shisa, red roof tile house, an old well, and "Wa-hu-ru"(a toilet for pigs) are reproduced. In Okinawan diarect, "Wa" means pig, and "hu-ru" means toilet. Having pigs was important at the fisherman's village. In Itoman, fisherman put pig's blood on the fishing net to make the net hard. So pigs were very important in their lives.

  • a sign board of Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum

    Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum

    The museum next to the park is built for inheritancing the traditional and culture to nect generation.
    The Mikagan(goggles) is the original form of swimming goggles. The mikagan was invented by Tamagusuku Yasutarou who was called Edison from Itoman 120 years ago and is displayed at the exhibition hall.
    Moreover, the SABANI(fisherman's boat) and Yutui(a tool to scoop out the pooled water) are also displayed. The tools are now very rare and helped fishermen more than before the war. You can get Mikagan at the souvenir shop as well which were made by the only Mikagan craftman in Okinawa Uehara Ken who is also a curator of the exhibition hall.
    The craftman's workplace is available to observe. You can see the process of repairing SABANI up close in personal. The admission fees is 300 yen for Adult, 100 yen for Elementry/Junior/High school students. For the group visitor(more than 20 people) is 200 yen.

  • conch

    A various menu of Experience

    You need a reservation in advance, but if you have chance, try the Sabani paddle making.
    Bindama making(a glasswork) and Making boxes with cute shells. For riding experience needs to be more than 4 person. You can make reservations by NPO oarganization "Hama su-ki".

Little tidbits of Uminohurusato Park

A stone monument of Shirohama song written

Umino hurusato park is locate in 30 minutes from Naha airport by a car in Itoman-city. It is about 15 minutes by car from Expressway Tomishiro/Nakachi IC. There are beaches, market, and Outlet mall Ahibina close to the park.
The park has a monument of replica cottage of a boss who lemds boats and equipment. You can enjoy the atmosphere og the fisherman's town.Moreover, The traditional okinawan houses and red roof tile are also recommended spot. Saltwater pondand more interensting facilities are available at the park. There are 2 boats exhibited at the park, one of them is float from Miyagi prefecture mainland Japan, which was washed ashore during 2014 Tsunami.
On the stone monument, the song "Shirahamabushi" is written in Itoman diarect. The song is about a fisherman who raised an orphan baby girl, but his son felt in love with her.

The museum located next to the park, is where you can see the fisherman's boat SABANI, and the goggle MIKAGAN. The exhibition is to hand down the culture and traditions to next generation. You can touch the SABANI boat which was used for fishing. SABANI is originally made for hunting sharks. In Itoman language, they call the shark "SABA". Still now, SABANI is used for a traditional boat racing in Itoman held every year attracting many people.
At the museum, you can experience making the paddle of SABANI. The reservation is needed in advance. The friendly staff will teach you.

There is also children’s play equipment available at the park. You can enjoy playing with slides, roller slides, Tarzan ropes, and a net jungle. e.t.c. There is a Fish center and Umanchu market near the park where you can enjoy shopping the fresh fish and vegetables. It's recommended to visit after you enjoyed the park!


  • Umi no hurusato park
  • A view from an observation platform
  • A residence monument of a boss who lends boats and equipment to fisherman
  • Guardian God Shisa
  • Saltwater pond
  • A sign board of Fisherman workshop/Museum
  • Museum inside
  • Workshop inside
  • Sabani(plank-built fishing boat)
  • Mikagan(goggles from 19th centuries)
  • Red tile roof house
  • A sign board of Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum
  • blowing a conch
  • A stone monument of Shirahamabushi song
  • A park guide map
  • Wa-hu-ru (toilet for pigs)
  • Red tile roof rest area
  • Sea gull roof
  • Shisa shaped tap-water
  • Sun drying the net
  • A fishing boat from Ishimaki was washed up on the shore
  • Float ball Jack-o-lantern
  • A guide map of Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum
  • Museum opening hours
  • Exhibition room
  • Mikagan (goggles) exhibition
  • French free diver Jacques Mayol used Mikagan
  • Anbushi net used for fishing
  • A steamer for dyeing net with pig's blood
  • Paddles
  • Bottom of the boat which was made with one wood
  • Making process of Mikagan
  • Tools to make Mikagan
  • Monument of Shark and Tuna

Umino hurusato park Information

Name Umino hurusato park

Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum




Postcode:901-0305 1-4-11 Nishizaki town Itoman-city Okinawa


It takes about 30 minutes from Naha-airport
It takes about 15 minutes from Expressway Tomishiro/Nakachi IC

Bus: (Itoman 89line) It takes about 5 minutes walking from "the entrance of Industrial park" bus stop


【Park Area】
open year around

【Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum 】
9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00


【Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum 】
  Monday (the museum will be open on holidays), Lunar New Year,Lunar Bon festical, Itoman Harley



【Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum】
Adults : 300yen
Elementry/Junior/High school student : 100yen
Group (more than 20 people) : 200yen

How to pay


0-300 yen

Optional fee

SABANI experience : 3000yen (2hrs)

Bindama net making :2000yen (2hrs)

Making paddles : 8000yen (2days) ※includes the materials

Making paddles muddler:1000yen(1hour and 30 minutes)※includes the materials

Painting :1000yen(1hour and 30 minutes)※includes the materials

Credit card

Not Available




For making experience must need reservation



Free parking lots for 100 cars



60-120 minutes


You are not allowed to smoke at the Itoman Fisherman workshop/Museum


Taking pictures is available. There is a Vending machine

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can experience riding the traditional Sabani boat and making paddle! It will be an awesome souvenir!

Important notice

Reservation is needed for experience riding the traditional Sabani boat and making paddles in advance.

What to bring

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