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Urasoe-joseki Castle ruins
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Urasoe-joseki is a castle ruins in Okinawa that was built in 13th century during the ryukyu Kingdom era. If you have reservation, the staff will guide you.

Urasoe-city is located in the southern part of mainland Okinawa and is next to Naha-city(the seat of the prefectural government). It it the 4th biggest city in Okinawa where 11 million people are living. You can easily access the popular tourist spot Chatan.The city is surrounded by beautiful nature and the ocean. This is a good place to live. There are many good cafes in the city. A&W and Blue seal ice cream are very popular among the tourists and locals. At the Urasoe-joseki, there is a hill that is overlooking Urasoe-city and a castle ruin which was built in Ryukyu kingdom era, during the 13the century. The castle has been repaired many times after the battle of Okinawa. The castle was nearly destroyed from the war, However, some parts of the castle still remains. Uraso joseki is one of the rare and few castles that you can feel the atmosphere of Ryukyu kingdom.

Must-see sights

  • exhibition of ruins

    Urasoe Gusuku/ Youdore center

    Urasoe-city is located at more elevated land than Naha-city, The Urasoe-joseki is located at the highest spot in the city, you can get there in 20 minutes from Naha-airport by a car. Before the Castle, there is a Urasoe-gusuku and Youdore center. At the center you can get a guide map of Urasoe-joseki ruins and Youdore center. For 100 yen you can learn and see the history of Urasoe-city and Urasoe-joseki ruins through observing the exhibitions of earthenware and goods from WWⅡ. The place is the stage of the movie "Hacksaw ridge". Many people are now interested in the history and the place. Many visitors from overseas come here to see the place. There is a guided tour only for weekends that explain the history of the castle. (※must have reservation Adults:1500yen/hour 3000yen/2hours)

  • Youdore

    Urasoe Youdore

    Once you enter the Urasoe-joseki, there is a big hill. From the entrance, at the left side, there is a way to "Urasoe youdore". If you go down the stairs, you'll see the “Urasoe youdore”. “Youdore” means “no wind” in the language of Ryukyu Kingdom and they named the place to pray for the King to rest in peace. Back in the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom era, Eiso King and Syounei King built the castle. Their grave is surrounded by the forest and rocks, you can overlook the west coast from the hill. Now the inside of the grave is closed, You can see the replica of the grave at the Youdore center.

  • view from the castle

    Scenery that you can feel the time flow

    Once you go up the stairs and walk the street of the Castle, there is a hill that you can overlook Naha-city, and West coast ocean. If you go further, you will find yourself in restricted area a place has sign of keep out. That place was a powerful battle between Japanese and American armies that lasted over 3 weeks. Still today, some remains from the battle are being dug up. There is a green grassy yard at the castle, and the wind there feels awesome. You can imagine why the king thought this would be a good place for a castle. The place is very calm and has a peaceful atmosphere.

Features of Urasoe-joseki


Urasoe-city was a city that the Eiso King built in the 13th to 14th century during the Ryukyu kingdom era. At that time, the city was called “Uraosoi” which means “attack and concur the cities”, Hence Urasoe-city used to have a strong power and prospered as a strong city.

The view from the castle is very a worthy sight. Because of its location, you can overlook Naha-city and Ginowan-city, especially during a hot summer day.

The Castle is where you can feel the old days of Okinawa and its importants. You can learn about crucial event that happened in Okinawan history. Come visit the Urasoe-jyouseki castle ruin to learn Okinawan history and a unique place.

In the long history, the castle got an attack from the battle of Okinawa. The Shinto priest brought 御神体(the object worship in the Shinto religion) and made a temporal Shrine in Uruma-city. They protected the 御神体 until it was moved to a cave in Futenma. Please visit the Futenma shrine and feel the history inside the cave as well.


  • Castle ruins
  • Castle wall
  • Youdore castle wall
  • Youdore passage
  • Youdore
  • grave stone
  • view from the castle
  • inside the Youdore
  • excavation of ruins
  • Youdore center
  • exhibition of ruins
  • Youdore
  • view from the castle
  • Castle wall
  • guide map of castle
  • history of castle
  • exhibition of goods from war
  • entrance of Youdore
  • stairs to Youdore
  • Youdore
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  • Castle ruins
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  • grave inside the castle
  • Castle ruins

Urasoe-joseki Castle ruins Information

Name Urasoe-joseki Castle ruins



Postcode:901-2103 2Nakama Uruma-city Okinawa


It takes 30 minutes from Naha air port by a car

It takes 10 minutes from NakamaIriguchi bus stop by walking


Inside the castle is yearly open

Urasoe Gusuku/Youdore center: 9:00-17:00


Inside the castle : open yearly

Urasoe Gusuku/Youdore center (Close: Monday/New year)

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Urasoe Gusuku/Youdore center
Entrance fee (Adult)100yen (Elementry/Junior high school student)50yen

a walk around the castle tour
Adult 1person 1hr 1500yen / 2hrs 3000yen ※must have reservation

How to pay



Optional fee


Credit card

not available


JPY only


Reservation is only available for group visitor

Park facilities


Urasoe Gusuku/Youdore center 22 free parking lots
Urasoe-jouseki castle ruins 18 free parking lots available





You are not allowed to smoke in non-smorking area. There are several smorking areas in Youdore/ Urasoe gusuku center

Brochur パンフサムネイル画像

A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can enjoy the magnificent okinawan nature and learn important history of Okinawa. There are shops and restaurants close to the castle and you can enjoy shopping and delicious food.

Important notice

Avoid wearing heels and sandals to prevent fall. It's recommended to wear shoes. If you want a guided tour, You'll need a reservation.

What to bring



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