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Urasoe art museum
  • Parking available

Urasoe art museum is the first lacquer museum in Japan that has am exotic mood. It is easy to get from Naha and free parking is available.

Urasoe art museum was opened as the first public museum in Okinawa in 1990. It is located along route 330, the tower of the museum has a unique appearance and is surrounded by green forest. The theme of the museum is "structure of the tower and corridor". The museum has an exotic mood and is loved by architecture enthusiasts. Close to the museum, the Urasoe city library, Urasoe undou kouen, and tedako hall. Locals and tourists from overseas visit the museum.

Must-see sights

  • Ryukyu lacquerware

    Warm and gorgeous lacquerware

    Ryukyu lacquerware is a traditional Okinawan hand craft. The technique was derived from the 15th century when the Ryukyu kingdom was trading with Asian countries. Gold-inlaid lacquerware, Mother-of-pearl work, Foil painting work, Lacquer painting work, 密陀絵Mitsudae (decoration technique on lacquerware), 堆錦 tsuikin (decoration technique on lacquerware) were the techniques used when making Ryukyu lacquerware. The great techniques can show through their artworks. The colorful beauty of gold and shell make the smooth and beautiful works breathtaking. The humid weather in Okinawa is the perfect condition to make lacquerware. They made lacquerware using lacquer trees and tree sap. Lacquer trees only grow in Asia, so making lacquerware is one of the most famous traditional Asian cultural works!

  • Golden dragon clay pot

    Art works that have the atmosphere of Asian history

    The Urasoe Art Museum mainly exhibits the Ryukyu lacquerware art works, but they also have introductory history videos that displays the original process of how lacquerware was made during the 16th - 19th centuries in China, North Korea, and other countries in Asia. You can actually touch the displayed items so you can have a better understanding of the process to make Ryukyu lacquer ware during the video. Each display has some mythological symbols, animals and lucky crops were printed on the artworks.

  • Red design traditional crafts

    Traditional crafts stay up to date with today’s style

    With the style of today, the traditional crafts stays up to date; there by making them more useful goods. They are daily produced, but also beautiful in color and shape. During the 16th-19th centuries, lacquerwares were important gifts for trading and exchanging the culture with other countries. Many beautification techniques were derived from these centuries and many new ones were born. The techniques from Asian countries and the beautiful lacquerwares world are attracting visitors to the museum.

Appeal of Urasoe art museum

Entrance of the museum

At the museum, there are general exhibits and sub-exhibits on special fields. The exhibits changes regularly. For the general exhibits they mainly show traditional craft art works by local Okinawan artists and students. They bring a lot of attention to the Ryukyu lacquerware art works. The museum is known as the first museum to specialize in lacquerware in Japan.

You can rent an audio guide for free. Chinese and English are available. There is a shop in the museum and you can get your own traditional art works. For the sub-exhibits, you can enjoy artworks that are replaced at regular intervals so that Adults and younger generations can appreciate it.

The museum will be crowded during summer vacation and holidays. There is an observation platform close to the museum where you can overlook Urasoe-city. Moreover, the Urasoe koen park and Urasoe city library are in walking distance, so you can enjoy the museum and its surroundings all day. please stop by and visit the museum when you get a chance.


  • Museum appearance
  • Museum appearance
  • Museum inside
  • Shop
  • Picture of sailing
  • Image of lacquerware
  • Gold lacquerware
  • Dragon lacquerware
  • Museum appearance
  • View from museum
  • Ryukyu lacquerware
  • Gold dragon clay pot
  • Red design traditional crafts
  • Entarance of the museum
  • Gold design Ryukyu lacquerware
  • Red design lacquerware
  • Traditional Chinese crafts
  • Fenghuang lacquerware
  • Craft goods shop
  • Various kinds of goods
  • Urasoe museum
  • Urasoe museum
  • Urasoe museum
  • Urasoe museum

Urasoe Art Museum Information

Name Urasoe Art Museum




Postcode:901-2103 1-9-2 Nakama Urasoe city Okinawa


It takes about 40 minutes from Naha airport by a car

It takes about 5 minutes from Futenma bus stop by walking


9:30-17:00(The last entry is 16:30)


Monday/New year's day(Museum will be closed on holidays)

Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Fees for General exhibition
・General 200yen
・University student
・Visitor over 65years old 160yen
・Group more than 20 people/general 160 yen
・Group more than 20 people/University student 100yen

How to pay


200-1,500 yen

Optional fee


>Credit card

Not available




Reservation is available

Reservation is only available for group visitor
Reservations for parking is only available for group visitor

Museum facilities


Bus : 4 free parking lots
Car : 177 free parking lots
Handicapped parking : 13 free parking lots





You are not allowed to smoke at the museum.


A little advise from Churashima travel

A brief comment

You can observe the traditional Okinawan crafts. You can also get souvenirs at the museum. Highly recommended for people who like lacquerware.

Important notice

It's recommended to make a reservation when visiting with a group(more than 20 people) especially during the holiday seasons.

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